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Cosmetic Packaging Testing Items, Methods and Instruments [2012-07-09]

Cosmetic packaging testing is of great importance to cosmetic package design and protection during distribution, circulation and shelf-life time. Labthink Instruments Co. Ltd. (, the world famous testing instrument and service provider integrates testing items and instruments as follows.

1. Circulation Package Testing for Cosmetics

The cosmetic products should reach the customers in good condition, after steps of transmission, shelf display and other procedures.

Labthink XYD-15K Box Compression Tester can test compression strength testing for corrugated paper boxes; with stack testing function, this tester can output stacking test result directly.

2. Printing Quality Testing of Cosmetic Packages

The testing for cosmetic package printing quality is of great importance. The routine testing items including ink layer abrasion resistance (anti-abrasion performance) and ink layer falling-off as well as color identification. Labthink MCJ-01A Rub Tester can test abrasion resistance. Labtink BLJ-02 Disk Stripping Tester and YGJ-02 Rolling Tester can test ink layer decrement/falling-off/bond strength. Labthink SGB-80 D65/A Standard Light Source is equipped with D64 and A light and resolves the metamerism phenomenon.

3. Pressure Sensitive Label Testing for Cosmetics

Pressure sensitive label, also called self-adhesive label has found its wide application in cosmetic packaging.

Primary Adhesive Testing: Labthink CZY-G Primary Adhesive Tester is the example.

Lasting Adhesive Performance Testing: Labthink CZY-6S hangs the panels covered by adhesive tapes on to the test shelf vertically; and hangs poises with specific weight on the end of the panel. Labthink XLW Auto Tensile Tester or BLD-01 Peeling Tester can test the labels.

4. Barrier Property Testing of Cosmetic Packages

Barrier property is the definition for the barrier effect of packaging materials against gas, liquid and other permeable substances. The unsaturated links in the cosmetic ingredients are easy to be oxidized and deteriorated; the lost of moisture in the cosmetic would lead to hardening of the cosmetics. At the same time, the fragrance of the cosmetics has great influence on the marketing of cosmetics. Therefore, the barrier property testing includes the permeability testing of oxygen, water vapor and fragrant gases through cosmetic packages.

4.1 Oxygen Barrier Property Testing: this index is mainly for the oxygen transmission rate testing of films, laminated films, cosmetic pouches or bottles. Labthink PERME OX2/230 Oxygen Transmission Rate Test System is the example.

4.2 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Testing: is mainly for the testing of water vapor transmission rate of film materials and packaging containers like bottles, bags and cans. Through this WVTR testing, technical indexes for control and adjustment of packaging materials can be achieved so as to meet the varied application needs. Labthink PERME W3/330 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Testing System is an example.
4.3 Fragrance Maintenance Property Testing: This Index is of great importance to cosmetics. Once the fragrance loses, there would be great influence on selling. Labthink PERME OR2/410 Organic Gas Transmission Rate Test System is the example.

5. Other Physical Index Testing of Cosmetic Packaging Materials

The mechanical performance of cosmetic package plays an important role in the packaging & processing, transportation and shelf life.

Labthink XLW (PC) Auto Tensile Tester and Heat Seal Tester are routine instruments in cosmetic packaging labs. Labthink BMC-B1 Falling Dart Impact Tester determines the impact resistance of plastic film by free-falling dart. The coefficient of friction tester is made under ASTM 1894. Labthink MXD-02 is an example.

6. Thickness Testing of Cosmetic Packaging Material

The uneven film will not only influence the permeation and elongation strength but the following processing of those film materials. Labthink CHY-C2 Thickness Tester is an example.

7. Seal and Leak Testing of Cosmetic Packages

The seal and leak testing of cosmetic packages is to test the integrated performance to avoid external migration into the packages and content leakage. Labthink MFY-01 Leak Tester is made according to underwater decompression method. Labthink LSSD-01 Leak and Seal Strength Detector applies positive pressure testing method. Through pressure exertion into the inner package to test the compression resistance, sealing performance and leak indexes.

8. Headspace Analysis of Cosmetic packages

The control of gas proportion inside cosmetic packages can effectively prolong the product quality guarantee period or improve storage. Labthink HGA-01 Headspace Analyzer can help accurate and prompt evaluation of inside gas ingredient analysis in production, warehouse and lab.

9. Package Testers of Cosmetic Bottles

The open and lock strength testing can be executed with the help of Labthink NJY-20 Torque Tester.