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About Us

IMS NINGBO LIMITED IMS  NINGBO LIMITED (ims packaging) is a manufacturer and trader specialized in the research & development and production of cosmetic packaging. Our core products are lipstick case, cosmetic compact case, lip gloss/mascara/eyeliner container, cosmetic pen, cosmetic jar, loose powder container, airless/lotion bottle, lip balm tube, roll-on bottle, foundation stick, and more. We are located in Ningbo, China, with convenient transportation access. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business...

Catalogue and Products

Lipstick Case

Round Plastic

Round Plastic PD-05, Round Plastic PD-06, Round Plastic PD-07, Round Plastic PD-19, Round Plastic PD-25, Round Plastic PD-27, Round Plastic PD-37, Round Plastic PD-53, Round Plastic PD-54, Round Plastic PD-55, Round Plastic PD-58, Round Plastic PD-62, Round Plastic PD-63, Round Plastic PD-64, Round PlasticPD-49, Round PlasticPD-52, Round PlasticPD-65, Round PlasticPD-66, Round PlasticPD-67, Round PlasticPD-68, Round PlasticPD-69, Round PlasticPD-70, Round PlasticPD-71, Round PlasticPD-72, Round Plastic Lipstick Case, Plastic Lipstick Shades Case, Round Lipstick Case, Custom Plastic Lipstick Case, Round Lipstick Shades Case, Plastic Lipstick Tube, New Design Plastic Lipstick Case, Red Plastic Lipstick Case, Plastic Lip Stick Case, Classic Plastic Lipstick Case, White Round Plastic Lipstick Case, Blue Lipstick Tube, Hot Sale Lipstick Case, Fashion Lipstick Tube, Double Lipstick Case, Mini Lipstick Case, Empty Lipstick tubes PD-76, White Lip Balm Tubes and Caps, Round Transparent lipstick tube, Aluminium Lipstick Container, Lipstick Container Cosmetic Tube, Round lipstick container, Round Lipstick Container,

Square Plastic

Square Plastic PD-102, Square Plastic PD-108, Square Plastic PD-122, Square Plastic PD-125, Square Plastic PD-126, Square Plastic PD-132, Square Plastic PD-146, Square Plastic PD-148, Square Plastic PD-150, Square Plastic PD-152, Square Plastic PD-153, Square Plastic PD-156, Square Plastic PD-158, Square Plastic PD-159, Square Plastic PD-160, Square Plastic PD-161, Square Plastic PD-162, Square Plastic PD-163, Square Plastic PD-164, Square Black Lipstick Tube PD-165, Square Shape Lipstick Container, Square Shape Aluminium Lipstick Case, Square Shape Lip Balm Tubes and Caps, Square Shape Black Lip Balm Tubes,

Other Shape Plastic

Other Shape Plastic PD-201, Other Shape Plastic PD-248, Other Shape Plastic PD-251, Other Shape Plastic PD-263, Other Shape Plastic PD-264, Other Shape Plastic PD-265, Special Shape Lipstick Tube, Transparent Square Shape lipstick case, Transparent lipstick container, Square Shape Black Lipstick Container,

Round Aluminium

Round Aluminium MA-03, Round Aluminium MA-06, Round Aluminium MA-08, Round Aluminium MA-09, Round Aluminium MA-16, Round Aluminium MA-17, Round Aluminium MA-20, Round Aluminium MA-22, Round Aluminium MA-23, Round Aluminium MA-24, Round Aluminium MA-26, Round Aluminium MA-27, Round Aluminium MA-29, Round Aluminium MA-30, Round Aluminium MA-31, Round Aluminium MA-32, Round Aluminium MA-38, Round Aluminium MA-39, Round Aluminium MA-40, Round Aluminium MA-41, Round Aluminium MA-42, Round Aluminium Lipstick Container, Aluminium Lipstick Tubes, Round Aluminium Lipstick Tubes,

Other Shape Aluminium

Other Shape Aluminium MA-101, Other Shape Aluminium MA-103, Other Shape Aluminium MA-107, Other Shape Aluminium MA-109, Other Shape Aluminium MA-111, Other Shape Aluminium MA-112, Other Shape Aluminium MA-115, Other Shape Aluminium MA-116, Other Shape Aluminium MA-117, Other Shape Aluminium MA-118, Other Shape Aluminium MA-120, Other Shape Aluminium MA-131, Other Shape Aluminium MA-133, Other Shape Aluminium MA-134, Other Shape Aluminium MA-136, Other Shape Aluminium MA-137, Other Shape Aluminium MA-139, Square Shape Lipstick Case, Aluminium Lipstick Tubes and Caps, Special Shape Lipstick Case,

Cosmetic Compact

Round Cosmetic Compact

Round Cosmetic Compact CP-101, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-104, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-105, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-109, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-110, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-111, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-129, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-130, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-133A, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-133B, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-134, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-135, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-138, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-139, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-144A, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-151, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-152, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-156, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-157, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-158A, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-158B, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-159, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-160, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-161, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-162A, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-181, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-142, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-143, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-144, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-147, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-330, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-331, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-332, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-333, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-334, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-335, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-336, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-339, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-340, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-341A, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-341B, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-346, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-347, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-104, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-349, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-350A, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-350B, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-352, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-353, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-354, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-355, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-356, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-357A, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-357B, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-358, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-359, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-362, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-363, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-364A, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-364B, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-365, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-366, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-367, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-368, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-369, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-370, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-371, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-372, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-373, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-374A, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-374B, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-375, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-376, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-377A, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-377B, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-378, Plastic Round Cosmetic Compact, Cosmetic Compact Case, Cosmetic Compact Packaging, Round Cosmetic Compact Powder Container, Round Cosmetic Compact Powder Container, Antique Brass Cosmetic Compact Mirrors, High Quality Cosmetic Compact, Plastic Cosmetic Compact with Hot Sale, Round Romantic Cosmetic Mirror Compacts, New Round Clear Empty Cosmetic Compacts, Round Cosmetic Compacts, New Round Empty Cosmetic Compacts, New Round Cosmetic Compact, Mirror Cosmetic Round, New Antique Brass Cosmetic Compact Mirrors, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-353B, Round Cosmetic Compact CP-354B, Cosmetic Packaging Eyeshadow Blush box CP-389, Cosmetic Packaging Eyeshadow Blush box CP-390, Eyeshadow Blush box CP-391, Eyeshadow Blush box CP-392, Cosmetic Compact Eyeshadow Blush box, Eyeshadow Blush box CP-395A, Air cushion cheek is red box, Cosmetic Packaging Blush box, Cosmetic Compact Eyeshadow box, Eyeshadow Blush box CP-396B, Eyeshadow Blush box CP-396C, Empty Air Cushion BB Cream Case, Cushion Puff empty Box,

Square Cosmetic Compact

Square Cosmetic Compact CP-206, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-207, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-234, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-248A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-248B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-248C, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-248D, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-248E, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-249, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-250A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-250B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-251, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-252, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-256A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-256B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-260, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-261, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-266, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-267A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-267B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-268, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-269, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-270, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-291A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-291B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-299, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-400, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-402, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-410A/B/C/D, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-411A/B/C/D, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-416A/B/C, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-427, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-429, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-430, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-431, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-435A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-435B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-436, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-291C, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-284, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-285, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-286, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-287, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-288A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-288B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-289, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-290, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-259A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-259B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-256, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-254A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-254B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-255A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-255B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-256C, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-283B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-412A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-412B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-412C, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-435C, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-438, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-440, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-441A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-441B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-441C, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-442, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-443, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-447, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-448, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-450, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-451A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-451B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-452A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-452B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-452C, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-453, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-454, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-455A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-455B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-456A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-456B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-457A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-457B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-458A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-458B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-459, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-460A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-460B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-460C, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-460D, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-461A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-461B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-462, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-463, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-464A-B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-465, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-466, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-467, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-468, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-469A, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-469B, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-469C, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-470, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-471, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-472, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-473, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-474, New Empty Round Black Loose Powder Compact, Empty Makeup Compact, Round Empty Cosmetic Compacts, Antique Brass Cosmetic Compact, Vanity Powder Boxes, Hot Sale Powder Box, Round Cosmetic Compact, Beautiful Compact Case Empty Plastic Cosmetic Container, Round Clear Empty Cosmetic Compacts, Small Cosmetic Mirror Compact, Cosmetic Compact Container, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-478, Square Cosmetic Compact CP-479, Cosmetic Compact Eyeshadow Box CP-402N, Cosmetic Compact Eyeshadow Box CP-483, Eyeshadow Box CP-485, Eyeshadow Box, Eyeshadow cartridge, Cosmetic Compact Eyeshadow cartridge, Cosmetic Packaging Eyeshadow cartridge, Empty Eyeshadow box, Empty Eyeshadow cartridge, Empty Eyeshadow Blush box, Empty Eyebrow cartridge, Cosmetic Compact Eyeshadow Case, Cosmetic Compact Eyebrow Case, Eyeshadow Blush Case, Cosmetic Packaging Eyeshadow Blush Case, Eyeshadow Case, Blush Box, Square Eyeshadow Box,

Lip Gloss Case

Round Lip Gloss Case

Other Shape Mascara Tube LG-MS-338, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-138, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-151, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-156, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-157, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-158, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-159, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-164, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-165, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-173C, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-187, Round Lip Gloss CaseLG/MS-637B, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-640, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-641A, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-641B, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-642A, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-642B, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-644, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-652, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-653, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-660, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-664, Round Lip Gloss Case LG-667, High Quality Lip Gloss, The Best Lipglosses Ever, Lip Gloss Container With Hot Design, Light Up Lip Sticks, Magic Red Lipstick, High Quality Empty Lip Gloss, Round Lip Gloss Tube, Empty Round Lip Gloss bottle, Round Plastic Empty Lip Gloss Case, Round Empty Lip Gloss Tube, Round Lip GlossContainer, Plastic empty lip gloss case, Empty Lip Gloss Case,

Square Lip Gloss Case

Other Shape Mascara Tube LG-MS-341, Square Lip Gloss Case LG-217, Square Lip Gloss Case LG-223, Square Lip Gloss Case LG-227, Square Lip Gloss Case LG-229, Square Lip Gloss Case LG-MS-212, Square Mascara Tube LG-MS-212, Square Lip Gloss Case LG-249, Square Lip Gloss Case LG-250, Square Lip Gloss Case LG-251, Square Lip Gloss Case LG-252, Square Lip Gloss Case LG-253, Square Lip Gloss Case LG-253, Square Lip Gloss Case LG-255, Square Lip Gloss Case LG-256, Square Lip Gloss Case LG-257, Round Lip Gloss Case, Hot Sale Lip Glosscolor, Lipgloss bottle cosmetic packaging, Empty Round eyeliner bottle,

Other Shape Lip Gloss Case

Square Eyeliner Bottle LG-MS-EL-310, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-318, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-319, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-320, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-334, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-343A, Square Mascara Tube LG-MS-239A, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-356, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-359, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-361, Square Lip Gloss Case LG-MS-254A, Square Lip Gloss Case LG-MS-254B, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-362, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-363, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-372, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-373A, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-373B, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-374A, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-374B, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-374C, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-375A, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-375B, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-375C, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-MS-EL-364, Lip Gloss Container, Plastic Cosmetic Mascara Bottles, Plastic Cosmetic lip gloss Bottle,

Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case

Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-410, Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-415, Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-417, Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-507, Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-516, Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-414, Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-507, Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-522A, Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-522B, Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-523, Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-524, Lip Gloss Container with New Design, Lip Gloss Container with New DesignLG-418B, Professional Lip Gloss, Best Care Lip Waterproof Lip Gloss, High Shine Lip Gloss, Professional Red Lip Gloss,

Mascara Tube

Round Mascara Tube

Mascara Case LG-MS-312, Round Mascara Tube MS-130, Round Mascara Tube MS-133, Round Mascara Tube MS-196, Round Mascara Tube MS-614, Round Mascara Tube MS-616, Round Mascara Tube MS-620, Mascara Tube LG/MS-626, Empty Mascara Bottle, Round Lip Gloss Case LG/MS-637A, Round Mascara Tube LG/MS-626, Round Mascara Tube LG/MS/EL-634, Round Mascara Tube LG/MS-643, Round Mascara Tube LG/MS-637A, Round Mascara Tube LG/MS-637B, Round Mascara Tube MS-627, Round Mascara Tube MS-631, Round Mascara Tube MS-632A, Round Mascara Tube MS-632B, Round Mascara Tube MS-633, Round Mascara Tube MS-639, Round Mascara Tube MS-648, Round Mascara Tube MS-649, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case MS-357, Round Mascara Tube LG-MS-192, Round Mascara Tube MS-129, Round Mascara Tube MS-148, Round Mascara Tube MS-149, Round Mascara Tube MS-657, Round Mascara Tube MS-659, Round Mascara Tube MS-661, Round Mascara Tube MS-665, Round Mascara Tube MS-666, Round Mascara Tube MS-701, Round Mascara Tube MS-702, Round Mascara Tube MS-703, Round Mascara Tube MS-704, Round Mascara Tube MS-706, Empty Mascara Bottle, New Plastic Cosmetic Mascara Bottle, Round Mascara Tube MS-383A/B, Aluminum Mascara Container MS-710, Empty Round Mascara Bottle, Round Plastic empty Mascara case, Round Empty Mascara Tube, Round Mascara Container,

Square Mascara Tube

Square Mascara Case LG-MS-210, Square Mascara Tube LG-MS-210, Square Mascara Tube LG-MS-254A, Square Mascara Tube LG-MS-254B,

Other Shape Mascara Tube

Mascara Tube LG-MS-EL-311, Other Shape Mascara Case LG-MS-EL-310, Other Shape Mascara Case LG-MS-EL-311, Other Shape Mascara Case LG-MS-EL-336B, Other Shape Mascara Tube LG-MS-312, Other Shape Mascara Tube LG-MS-313, Other Shape Mascara Tube LG-MS-326A, Other Shape Mascara Tube LG-MS-327, Other Shape Mascara Tube LG-MS-331, Other Shape Mascara Tube LG-MS-337, Other Shape Mascara Tube LG-MS-342A, Other Shape Mascara Tube LG-MS-EL-310, Other Shape Mascara Tube LG-MS-EL-311, Other Shape Mascara Tube LG-MS-EL-336B, Other Shape Mascara Tube LG-MS-EL-339, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-322B, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-325, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-328, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-333, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-335A, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-336A, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-342B, Square Mascara Tube LG-MS-EL-310, Square Mascara Tube LG-MS-EL-311, Round Lip Gloss Case LG/MS/EL-634, Other Shape Lip Gloss Case MS-360, Other Shape Mascara Tube LG-MS-EL-364, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-365, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-366, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-367, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-368A, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-368B, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-368C, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-369A, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-369B, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-369C, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-370A, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-370B, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-370C, Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-371, Empty Mascara Tube With Lipstick Tube, Unique Round Black Mascara Bottle, Empty mascara lip gloss tubes, Cylinder Empty Mascara Bottle, High Quality Aluminium Mascara Bottle, Cosmetic Bottle, Empty Aluminium Mascara Tube, Eyelash Mascara Bottle, Lip Gloss Mascara Tube, Lipgloss Mascara Bottle, Empty Round Lip Gloss Mascara bottle with lipstick tube,

Dual Heads Mascara Tube

Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-MS-EL-413, Dual Heads Mascara Tube LG-MS-EL-413, Dual Heads Mascara Tube MS-525, Dual Heads Mascara Tube MS-708,

Eyeliner Bottle

Round Eyeliner Bottle

Round Eyeliner Bottle EL-650, Round Eyeliner Bottle EL-651, Round Eyeliner Bottle EL-668, Round Eyeliner Bottle EL-707, Black Mascara Tube, Round Liquid Eyeliner Container, Round Empty Liquid Eyeliner Tube,

Square Eyeliner Bottle

Square Eyeliner Bottle EL-258, Square Eyeliner Bottle EL-259,

Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle

Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle EL-347, Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle EL-351, Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle EL-354, Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle LG-MS-EL-310, Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle LG-MS-EL-311, Eyeliner Bottle Case EL-321, Round Eyeliner Bottle LG/MS/EL-634, Eyeliner Bottle EL-358, Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle EL-376, Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle EL-377, Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle EL-378, Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle EL-379, Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle EL-380A, Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle EL-380B, Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle LG-MS-EL-364, Eyeliner Bottle, Round eyeliner bottle, Eyeliner Round Bottle, Empty Round eyeliner bottle, Empty Plastic Cosmetic Liquid Eyeliner Bottle,

Dual Heads Eyeliner Bottle

Dual Heads Eyeliner Bottle LG-MS-EL-413

Cosmetic Pen

Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen

Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-106A, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-106B, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-107A, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-107B, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-204, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-206, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-211, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-212, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-213, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-214, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-121A, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-121B, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-121C, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-211B, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-215, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-216, Dual Head Cosmetic Pen PS-216, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-121D, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-217, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-218,

Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen

Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-101, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-108, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-112, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-113, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-117, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-130, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-131, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-216A/B/C/D, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-218A/B, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-221A, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-221B, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-221C, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-224, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-225, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-132, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-113B, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-133, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-132, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-135, Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-136, Solid Cosmetic Pen, Solid Color Cosmetic Pen, high quality new design solid filler cosmetic pen, lipstick pen nail pen Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen, high quality new design correction tape pdq display, nail pen Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen, high quality new design wooden hair brush, high quality new design cosmetic pen, high quality new design correction tape pdq, Red Solid Color Cosmetic Pen, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen, Black Solid Color Cosmetic Pen, Solid Cosmetic Pen, Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-228B, Solid Cosmetic Pen AP-229, High Quality Solid Cosmetic Pen, Cosmetic Pen,

Dual Head Cosmetic Pen

Dual Head Cosmetic Pen AP-216ABCD, Dual Head Cosmetic Pen AP-218A, Dual Head Cosmetic Pen AP-219, Dual Head Cosmetic Pen AP-220AB, Dual Head Cosmetic Pen AP-221A, Dual Head Cosmetic Pen AP-221B, Dual Head Cosmetic Pen AP-221C, Dual Head Cosmetic Pen AP-223, Dual Head Cosmetic Pen AP-224, Dual Head Cosmetic Pen AP-225, Dual Head Cosmetic Pen AP-226, Dual Head Cosmetic Pen AP-227, Cosmetic Pen AP-142, Dual Head Cosmetic Pen AP-142B, Dual Heads Makeup Pen AP-232, Dual Head Cosmetic Pen AP-233,

Cap-off Cosmetic Pen

Cap-off Cosmetic Pen SP-103N, Cap-off Cosmetic Pen SP-109, Cap-Off Cosmetic Pen SP-105A,

Acrylic Jar

Acrylic Jar JA-101, Acrylic Jar JA-106, Acrylic Jar JA-107, Acrylic Jar JA-114, Acrylic Jar JA-201, Acrylic Jar JA-107-50, Acrylic Jar JA-107-30, Acrylic Jar JA-102, Acrylic Jar JA-107, Acrylic Jar JA-108, Acrylic Jar JA-117, Acrylic Jar JA-118, Acrylic Jar JA-119, Acrylic Jar JA-120, Acrylic Jar JA-203, Acrylic Jar JA-204, Acrylic Jar JA-205, Acrylic Jar JA-206, Acrylic Jar JA-207, Acrylic Jar, Cosmetic Jar, Acrylic cream bottle JA-123,

Cosmetic Pot

Cosmetic Pot PT-104, Cosmetic Pot PT-107, Cosmetic Pot PT-109, Cosmetic Pot PT-113, Cosmetic Pot PT-115, Cosmetic Pot PT-121, Cosmetic Pot PT-125, Cosmetic Pot PT-126, Cosmetic Pot PT-127, Cosmetic Pot PT-128, Cosmetic Pot PT-129, Cosmetic Pot PT-130, Cosmetic Pot PT-131, Cosmetic Pot PT-132, Cosmetic Pot PT-133, Cosmetic Pot PT-134, Cosmetic Pot PT-203, Cosmetic Pot PT-218, Cosmetic Pot PT-219, Cosmetic Pot PT-138, Cosmetic Pot PT-139A, Cosmetic Pot PT-139B, Cosmetic Pot PT-222, Cosmetic Pot PT-126A, Cosmetic Pot PT-126B, Cosmetic Pot PT-141, Cosmetic Pot PT-143, Cosmetic Pot PT-144, Cosmetic Pot PT-223, Cosmetic Pot PT-116, Plastic Cosmetic Jar, Spherical Cosmetic Pot, Mini Face Cream Container, Eyeshadow Makeup Face Cream Container, Heart Shape Plastic Cream Jar, Flower Shape Cream Jar,

Loose Powder Container

Loose Powder Container PC-105, Loose Powder Container PC-106, Loose Powder Container PC-114, Loose Powder Container PC-116, Loose Powder Container PC-120-10, Loose Powder Container PC-120-20, Loose Powder Container PC-121, Loose Powder Container PC-122, Loose Powder Container PC-127-10, Loose Powder Container PC-127-15, Loose Powder Container PC-129, Loose Powder Container PC-133, Loose Powder Container PC-135, Loose Powder Container PC-201, Loose Powder Container PC-204, Loose Powder Container PC-205, Loose Powder Container PC-136, Loose Powder Container PC-139, Loose Powder Container PC-141, Loose Powder Container PC-142, Loose Powder Container PC-207, Loose Powder Container PC-208, Loose Powder Container PC-116, Loose Powder Container PC-147, Loose Powder Container PC-148, Loose Powder Container PC-149, Loose Powder Container PC-150, Loose Powder Container PC-151, Loose Powder Container PC-152, Loose Powder Container PC-153, Luxury Cosmetic Loose Powder Container, Loose Powder Container, Cosmetic Loose Powder Case, Cosmetic Loose Powder Container, Plastic Loose Powder Jar, Plastic Loose Powder Jar with Sifter for Cosmetic Packaging, Empty Loose Powder Container,

Airless Lotion Bottle

Airless Lotion Bottle AB-102, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-108, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-110, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-111A, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-111B, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-112, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-113, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-201, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-206, Airless Lotion Bottle RB-101, Airless Lotion Bottle RB-103, Airless Lotion Bottle RB-109, Airless Lotion Bottle RB-111, Airless Lotion Bottle RB-112, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-121, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-122, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-123, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-125, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-126, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-128, Airless Lotion Bottle RB-117, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-116, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-127, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-129A, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-129B, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-130, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-131, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-132, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-133, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-134, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-135, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-136, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-137, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-138, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-139, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-140, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-141, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-142, Airless Lotion Bottle AB-143, Airless Lotion Bottle RB-101, Airless Lotion Bottle RB-103, Airless Lotion Bottle RB-117, Airless Lotion Bottle RB-120, Airless Lotion Bottle RB-121, Airless Lotion Bottle RB-122, Airless Lotion Bottle RB-123, Airless Lotion Bottle RB-124, Airless Lotion Bottle, Luxury Cosmetic Loose Powder Container Glass Bottle,

Lip Balm Tube

Lip Balm Tube LB-103, Lip Balm Tube LB-104, Lip Balm Tube LB-109, Lip Balm Tube LB-112, Lip Balm Tube LB-113, Lip Balm Tube LB-114, Lip Balm Tube LB-202, Lip Balm Tube LB-203, Lip Balm Tube LB-204, Lip Balm Tube LB-101, Lip Balm Tube LB-115, Lip Balm Tube LB-116, Lip Balm Tube LB-117A-B, Spherical Lipstick Tube LB-118, Moisturizing Lip Balm LB-119, Lip Balm Tubes, Lip Balm Container,

Roll-On Bottle

Roll-On Bottle RO-102, Roll-On Bottle RO-104, Roll-On Bottle RO-105, Roll-On Bottle RO-106A, Roll-On Bottle RO-106B, Roll-On Bottle RO-107, Roll-On Bottle RO-105, Roll-On Bottle RO-108, Roll-On Bottle RO-109, Roll-On Bottle RO-110, Roll-On Bottle RO-111, Roll-On Bottle RO-112, Roll-On Bottle RO-113, Roll-On Bottle RO-114, Roll-On Bottle RO-115, Flexible Tube RO-108, Flexible Tube RO-109, Flexible Tube RO-110, Flexible Tube RO-111, Flexible Tube RO-112, Flexible Tube RO-113, Flexible Tube RO-114, Flexible Tube RO-118,

Foundation Stick Case

Foundation Stick Case SF-107, Foundation Stick Case SF-106, Foundation Stick Case SF-101, Foundation Stick Case SF-109, Foundation Stick Case SF-110, Foundation Stick Case SF-111A, Foundation Stick Case SF-111B, Foundation Stick Case SF-112, Foundation Stick Case SF-113, Foundation Stick Case SF-114, Foundation Stick Case SF-115, Foundation Stick Case SF-116, Foundation Stick Case SF-117, Flexible Tube SF-109, Flexible Tube SF-112, Flexible Tube SF-113, Foundation Stick Case, Round Plastic Lipstick Tube Container SF-119, Round Plastic Lipstick Tube Container SF-121,

Cosmetic Tube

Flexible Tube LG-138, Flexible Tube LG-653, Flexible Tube TB-101, Flexible Tube TB-102, Flexible Tube TB-103, Flexible Tube TB-104, Flexible Tube TB-105, Flexible Tube TB-106, Flexible Tube TB-107, Flexible Tube TB-108, Flexible Tube TB-109, Flexible Tube TB-110, Flexible Tube TB-111, Flexible Tube TB-112, Moisturizing Lip Balm Tube TB-114,