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If change a "vest",do you know it? [2010-07-14]

     If change a "vest",do you know it?

     "What is the role of quaternary ammonium ah, silicone oil it?"

     Yesterday is Yiwu Century Lianhua Supermarket buy shampoo Miss Lee, Miss kept asking Shopping guide. According to Miss Shao Shopping guide, many consumers have found that careful, some cosmetics have been quietly changing, ingredient labeling is no longer only a general SOD antioxidant factors, natural vitamin C, deep moisturizing factor, etc., replaced all read some awkward-sounding terms the standard components, such as superoxide dismutase, ascorbic acid, sodium hyaluronate.
     Cosmetic ingredient labeling provisions of the whole country had, according to the AQSIQ and the State Standardization Administration of China issued national standards, "consumer use of cosmetics generic label" (GB5296.3-2008) of the relevant provisions of the June 17 this year, the All domestic production or import inspection and sale of domestic and imported cosmetics, product packaging must be marked on a true formula by adding all the ingredients of the Chinese standard name. But this year, June 17 inspection of production of domestic and imported cosmetics, not to label all ingredients can be sold to the end product shelf life.
     Under the regulations, the implementation of all components labeling of cosmetics, including cosmetics are the definition of skin care, makeup, personal care hair, hair shaping, hair coloring, perm, fragrance category, bath and hand sanitizer products. Among them, the content of 1 / 100 or more ingredients, in descending order in accordance with the quantity, composition name is marked in accordance with relevant state regulations. The cosmetics company publicity, it must be the product of raw materials used for all components labeled.
     Reporters yesterday at the Century Lianhua Supermarket to see, Shu Lei, Shun cool, Head & Shoulders, Colgate and other brand some new products, there have been a long string of chemical names, but many brands are still using the old label, supermarket staff said all cosmetics are expected to put a new label, but also a year or two. "It's like anti-wrinkle, collagen protein, natural ingredients such as user-friendly introduction, was originally a selling point for some products, the chemical name on the label is tantamount to transparency, and contained material role in the amount of content, with or without side effects and so on would be the consumer issue of concern and care. "Management cosmetics firm for many years Ms Chow told reporters.
     Approach was agreed to read the name of several journalists were interviewed Ms. skin care products are selected, all components required for cosmetic labeling, they basically hold support attitude. "Before buying cosmetics is generally introduced in Advertising, or friend, Shopping guide recommendation, some good, some is not a good fit with use. Now marked on the product ingredients, add what you will see, feel more assured of some. "Ms Chan said.
     "Sometimes asked Purchasing Guide, feel how they do not understand, are just words on by publicity, said. There are elements labeled, although many did not understand, but you can go back and check the internet, you can choose according to their composition effects are most in need The. "Miss Fang told reporters.
     Insiders pointed out that foreign long cosmetic "all components marked" requirement. At first, this could cause some trouble consumers, but in the long run, be beneficial to consumers. Some called natural, pure plant, without adding cosmetics, announced the composition, the in the end is not natural, how the packing will know. Therefore, the implementation of the "all elements marked" not only allows consumers to understand consumer, but also to facilitate national monitoring. The safety of their own to check to see the confusion for consumers, recently, China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industry and the China Consumer Association in Beijing, jointly promulgated the "Interpretation of cosmetics label all ingredients Guide", detailed interpretation of the cosmetic ingredients, ingredient labeling and some common sense FAQ FAQ and other leading experts dedicated to helping people understand proper use of all cosmetic ingredients on the label label. To several common elements, for example, salicylic acid to help remove skin, under the provisions of concentration on the human body is safe; superoxide dismutase (SOD), scavenge excess free radicals in the human body, can anti-radiation, anti-aging, etc.; vitamin C is mainly the effect of whitening and anti-oxidation, fluoride is commonly used in anti-caries toothpaste ingredients. Consumers can log on the website of the two associations, you can query to this information.