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Cosmetic Packaging [2010-07-21]

     In cosmetics packaging field, with the technical level, gradually highlighted packaging development and innovation of individuation, the introduction of new technology and new technology, new material and application of environmental development and substitution features, safe and convenient package will be welcomed by the market. In China entered the WTO, global brand management has become an important strategy of the enterprise international competition, brand development, education, the innovation of brand brand by domestic enterprises are also increasingly question, although no international brand rich management experience, the brand is lack of success brand operation methods of management, but China is still in the national enterprise fumble ceaselessly, in innovation and development. To cosmetics, abstersion industry, for example, although in the minds of people still leave white porcelain green cover, antique, iron economical "friendship" cold cream, but the impression of its reputation in 1980s, the old brand billionaire customers, also can with increasingly cut consumption group to maintain its low sales. The opposite extraneous information, new technology, new products, as well as the packaging and promotional and blots out the only one objective - for every hesitant to customers. In the items of abundance, don't change, not today, innovation.
 For new product, if the novel packing, so the influence of customers will be greatly enhanced. Another innovative cosmetics packaging can be a very ordinary products add luster and attractive.
In personal care products and perfume in the market, product packaging has become retail shelves can quickly locking eyes consumers. Because contemporary consumer gradually understanding of packaging design, from the mass market to high-grade bazaar, glass bottles, from that perfumes and cosmetics marketers pay more and more attention to the packing of innovation and novelty. Out of the terminal consumer attention of strong competition, many packaging suppliers that product design is more important than ever. Personalized needs the customization (according to different consumer demand for personalized production mode) development, mould industry enterprises popular in the patent.
The main characteristics of modern packaging technology.
Cosmetics, especially female cosmetics, phyletic and various. With the increasingly fierce market competition of cosmetics, cosmetics merchants for expanding their share of the sales of products, in consequence, the cosmetics packaging, propaganda fluctuation full time.
Cosmetics function and role, and more refined with comprehensive functions of cosmetics, more and more evident difference, packaging dazzling, At the same time, the businessman in order to promote their products, cosmetics are different, the suitable classification and packaging.
Cosmetics, different function name, but the external form and adaptability of packaging, basically has the following categories: solid cosmetics, solid particles (powder) cosmetics, liquid and latex cosmetics, facial cosmetics, etc.