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Summer wear false eyelashes more vulnerable to infection [2010-07-26]

Long eyelashes, is dressed girls interested. However, health experts advise, try not to paste the false eyelashes summer, hot days, sweat easily cause an infection.
Ordinary day,ladies always put out exquisiteness Mascara Tube of the bags, the hairs almost every day mascara brush, but more rain this year, after dampened with water mascara eye makeup easily destroyed, turned into giant panda. Then two days ago, she went to the beauty salon planted false eyelashes. Unexpectedly, the eye started swelling and itching. 
 Yesterday by the Hubei Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital Dermatology Diagnosis: hair follicle infection.
 Dr Zou Xiaoyan, deputy director of the Division, said there are many roots as eyelashes and sebaceous glands, false eyelashes stuck to easily affect sweat pores, and false eyelashes are likely to occur with ocular foreign body rejection, induced eye disease.
 Use caution when female friends, summer wear as little as possible.