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Cosmetic packaging: cosmetic packaging design and consumer psychology of women(1) [2010-08-04]

Women as the main force of the contemporary consumer market, with demand prominent U.S. psychological, cognitive delicate, expressive, self-conscious, good at Lenovo, the psychological characteristics of good comparisons to show off. According to their psychological characteristics of the consumer, cosmetic packaging design should make full use of color association's rules, to satisfy women's beauty center, superiority, vanity, personality and highlight their value to the promotion of rising cosmetic consumption amount.

Comsmetic Packing more than a container load of goods, but also a stimulating consumption means the consumer guide. The packaging design is not only to play their physical features that protect the product function, but also to play its psychological function that caused the concern of consumers, but also to the level of aesthetic development of consumer pleasure. For now the cosmetics market, the main consumer groups are mostly women, therefore, fully aware of the psychological characteristics of female consumers for their consumption psychology of packaging design, to improve product sales for the important.

First, the main psychological characteristics of female consumers

1. Seek mental prominent United States. Heart of beauty in everyone, and that female consumers were especially strong. In the purchase process, women can beautify, ornament, unique style, fashionable products fond of. Memory processes in women, with a strong emotional memory. Therefore, with appreciation of the value, beauty products often they can form a strong stimulus, so that they could not help generate excitement, affecting their shopping mood, and then generate a desire to purchase or possession, so as to lay the foundation for the realization of buying behavior .

2. Cognitive delicate, with a strong emotional decision-making. Female consumers, the finer feelings, experience of interest, which is easy to buy the products aspirations, but also vulnerable to the impact of the environment, the rapid formation purchasing decisions. Women's purchase decision, it is susceptible to visual impression, and trade dress of the temptation. Beautiful Comsmetic Packing, distinctive window display, good shopping environment can provoke a positive emotional feelings female consumers, the desire to purchase the product.

3. Self-conscious, Lenovo rich. Female consumers in the purchase decision-making self-match regular goods, the consumption effect of Lenovo products. Female consumers often through peer evaluation, the media and other methods on a cf to feedback on the self-image of goods. Their satisfaction with the goods, has a strong desire to recommend, not satisfied with the goods for their own, sent a message more prominent effect.

4. Comparisons to show off a more intense psychology. Psychology is shopping to show off some sort of Superman of the Department to show their mental state, is psychological and stylish beauty of a concrete expression of psychological. Contemporary women, particularly young women with higher household income, like the comparisons with others in life, always want more than their colleagues, friends and family live better, more comfortable, more productive. Their activities in the consumer, in addition to meet their basic living needs or to make themselves more beautiful, more stylish but also may pursue high-grade, high quality, high price of brand-name products or the appearance of strange, super-popular, classic and other distinctive features of the product, to show their superior status, economic prosperity, elegant taste and so on.