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Hot Topic - How do consumers buy imported cosmetics [2010-08-05]

In the purchase cosmetics should not just look at the Cosmetic Packaging trademarks, manufacturer, manual or promotional text, but rather to be identified on the matrix of cosmetics, the following describes a few simple methods:
1, cosmetics to fine texture. Test method is a little finger dipping and gently smear Activities Office in the wrist (not back of the hand), apply to be thin and uniform, and then wrist up and down a few activities. After a few seconds, even if the cosmetics will also closely attached to the skin, and the wrist is not wrinkled part of the trace of pale stripes, is the detailed texture of cosmetics.
2, the color cosmetics to fresh. Test method is to spread on the wrist, in the lit area to see whether the color bright, and will depend on whether their skin color match.
3, the smell of cosmetics to be positive.
Where there is no pungent smell. Cosmetics should be aromatic smell is usually cool and fun feeling, pungent or if people feel fat vomiting, or incense were excessive, that is not right flavor.
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