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Our company cosmetics packing design characteristic [2010-08-06]

 We not only for Cosmetic Packaging has a stringent testing standards, and the cost to the extent permitted, to consider the issue nuanced, strive for excellence. This was reflected in the following three aspects:

1, Cosmetic Packaging  and fashion.

Simple and neat design, exquisitely beautiful, especially in the visual gives a strong fashion sense, their choice of packaging material that has a lot. Used in packaging their hardness, fluorescence effects night jam pearl powder; hose pearl mostly composite hose, transparent, texture, and disseminate a soft luster, true work.

Second, the security Cosmetic Packaging .

Safety glass has always been to make the public more headache for cosmetics manufacturers. As Parker come in cream, lotion products are mostly glass, easily damaged during transport, so they have in the box plus a layer of corrugated E-type to achieve the purpose of earthquake; and when the product shipped to the North there is often a situation; in the cold winter easily broken bottle, for this, they added another in the box lined with a foam insulation material of paper, thereby reducing the damage caused during transport. Perfume packaging containers Parker come more use acrylic material, but acrylic easily with alcohol, fragrance prone to chemical reaction, causing harm to consumers, so they used to be PET barrier composite material as a liner to achieve a good effect. In addition, in order to prevent counterfeit and shoddy products, cosmetics packaging they use laser technology security stamping.

Third, the unique Cosmetic Packaging .

Effectiveness of the many unique products, cosmetics, drugs in order to maximize its effect, Parker come in the package devoted a lot of brains. Introduced in the freckle whitening package, they changed the products were widely used freckle cream filling, rather use capsules, and then sealed aluminum bags, accessories with bottled repair methods exposed, so with the use of ensure stability and prevent the effects of oxidation, enhancing the activity of the product concentration. This "drying-packing separation Law" into the market, they are the consumers. In essence then introduced such as cosmetic series, it follows that effective packaging.

At present, our company is constantly improving product packaging and seeks to unify the packaging of products, and sincerely hope to have power with the major packaging supplier to cooperate!