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The Different Kinds Of Lip Balms [2010-08-25]

Almost every girl owns a lip balm or two and has become an everyday essential. Lip balms are ointments which are applied on the lips to prevent them from drying and cracking. They keep the lips moist and heal the lips of lip chaps and sores.

Lip balms contain different kinds of ingredients that have different roles as well. They also come in a variety of look. There are tube lip balms similar to that of lipsticks and there are also lip creams. They may look a whole lot different but they all protect the lips from drying out.

Lip balms that come in flavors are making a hit in stores nowadays. Young girls prefer lip balms that smell good over regular lip balms. These flavors are usually strawberry, cherry and mint but nowadays, companies are developing weird flavors to incorporate in lip balms.

If you’re constantly exposed to the sun’s harsh rays, opt for lip balms that contain sun protection factor. These lip moisturizers ensure that your lips won’t be left dehydrated despite spending too much time under the sun.

There are also medicated lip balms but are only available from some companies. They have ingredients that soothe and helps remain damage done to your lips.

Natural lip balms come from natural ingredients to make sure that you don’t get any unnecessary chemicals onto your lips.

There’s a diverse collection of lip balms or lip moisturizers out there and choosing which of them works really well for you is a little hard to find. Grab one that you like and try it on. After all, you’ll never know until you try.