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Daily application of cosmetics packaging anti-counterfeiting technology - Paper Industry [2010-09-03]

Daily Cosmetics Packaging Application Anti-counterfeiting technology Although many, but its security not ideal. Because of these packaging anti-counterfeiting technology in some Consumption Are difficult to identify, for example, commonly used in cosmetics packaging Barcode Anti-counterfeiting technology, marking technology, only technical supervision departments will be able to judge its authenticity. There are simply not going to achieve some of the security role, a number of production Anti-counterfeit labels Manufacturers to identify their personal interests to sell to those who those who make them, resulting in anti-counterfeit labels exist in name only, anti-counterfeit identification can not be security. In some cosmetics packaging, the use of anti-counterfeiting technology unitary, who have seized a large quantity of counterfeit Procter & Gamble produced Rejoice, Head & Shoulders, Pantene shampoo and other series, only the bottle of Barcode Security and the bottom of the production date and batch number Coding security, the two anti-counterfeiting technology consumers generally difficult to identify a time when consumers can not distinguish the authenticity of purchase, many consumers deceived. For daily use cosmetics Security package The following proposals: 1. In the packaging structure of creativity and development on in-depth research, becoming more difficult to imitate and identify more and more simple. For example: Plastic bottles Or Glass bottle Like the daily cosmetics should learn type bottle or broken Beverages Cans of disposable packaging, the product after opening the bottle can not be restored to their original, so that packaging can not re-use, and avoid those who make fake packaging by means of recovery. Also available from the packaging design of unique and innovative departure, will be shaped packaging of these products are designed, generally these shaped the design of packaging design does not meet the requirements of the economy, Mold Make Very difficult and demanding processing technology, packaging design is also very complicated structure, so the cost considerably increased, also increased the difficulty of imitation, so that those who make the high-risk cases, profit, and thus to deter counterfeiting behavior, although the costs of producers, but the final results of cost-effective compared with the prevalence of counterfeit or significantly increased. 2. Emphasis on anti-counterfeiting packaging can be identified, although some cosmetics packaging anti-counterfeiting packaging technology used, but these technologies are difficult to identify common customers, so not only will not achieve real security role, is worth the candle factory . In the development of new anti-counterfeiting technologies, in addition to emphasis on security technology, improve on the difficulty in counterfeiting outside, but also attach importance to this new security technology in promoting the use of after effects, if consumers can not identify, then this new security technology can be said is invalid. 3. Printing During Packaging Printing To strictly control the selection from the original, film production, Plate , And the whole process of printing, the use of advanced Printing Equipment , Printing high-quality package printing, so fake it difficult to make. 4. The current anti-counterfeit packaging technology is the best Tobacco Packaging, which take a comprehensive security in the forefront of daily cosmetic packaging should draw on tobacco packaging, the combination of a variety of cross-use of anti-counterfeiting packaging technology to increase the difficulty of counterfeit and fake, so easy to recognize and accept the first-line consumer security package Identification and security technology to the complex and relatively slow second-line identification of counterfeit packaging technology combine to form a portfolio security. 5. While continuing research and development of new materials, new technologies and new techniques, new equipment, manufacturers need to be reasonable based on their own Investment The correct design and use of anti-counterfeiting packaging technology to the security of goods identification simplified packaging, testing accuracy of the authority. Also have high Security Sex. In addition, anti-counterfeiting packaging of goods should be sufficient publicity to enable consumers to correctly identify the authenticity of the control method, to achieve anti-counterfeit technology enjoys popular support. With the development of science and technology, any kind of anti-counterfeiting technology is not a permanent security, we have to keep updated anti-counterfeiting technology, improve product Packaging security Safety and reliability, anti-counterfeiting packaging technology to enable integration, scientific, and packaging a more perfect combination of direction, in the false security and the Contradictions of the system will be carried out in the end security.