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Shop cosmetics operator exposure is fake [2010-09-29]

Cosmetic Packaging looked like the same, but the quality is very different

Recently, an expose of the net posts Shop survival status on the network exposure. Because of the shop itself is an operator, net posts reveal some of today's shop,cosmetics shop operators, especially inside, burst out, "Shop in the 80% cosmetics is fake," the thesis, which attracted more than attention.
Broke the news: fake cosmetics online account Bacheng
"Online sales of cosmetics, mostly fake, Europe, America and Japan and South Korea in the business relatively complete Cosmetic Packaging businesses, the performance was particularly outstanding. No matter how the credit rating of these stores, I dare say, to ensure all goods are all authentic can be said that less than 10%. "Xiao Song as a shop owner, wrote in the net posts.
Recently, the reporter managed to contact with him, for him to verify the above statement. Xiao Song said after a moment the thought: "that genuine rate of less than 10% may be slightly exaggerated, more cautiously, said about 20% of it." Challenge for society, Xiao Song said that he said is intuitive feelings may be imprecise, but the overall situation can not go wrong.
Xiao Song told reporters, in the first place and they are also a bunch of friends into line, he is the only genuine businesses insist on doing, but the situation is not optimistic. "Similarly a commodity, priced at genuine prices higher than just two or three dollars or even a few cents, but not a month or a few goods; the other hand, those who do business imitation goods, the monthly shipments can reach thousands of pieces. "
Reason: non-standard consumer purchase get petty
"Consumers get petty is one of the reasons for this phenomenon," Xiao Song, for example, as a famous European brand Mary Kay white suit, in the physical stores in the asking price may be in the hundreds of thousands, but in the shop, the offer usually only four or five hundred dollars or less. The price gap so large, consumers should think before buying, this may not be genuine, but many consumers still choose to buy the final, mainly to get petty psychological cause trouble.

"But I think the most important reason, or from non-standard purchase channels." Xiao Song told reporters, online assortment of various cosmetics, and diverse origin, some of which are purchased on behalf of the business through the formal foreign goods, some right through the import and export trading company transit goods of unknown origin, but most of the domestic production of fake and imitation products. "Generally, imitation of imitation goods only brand, but the quality itself is not a problem, so even if consumers buy used, what security risks do not exist." Xiao Song believes it is because of this, they were in reality incorrect words will not ring the goods to become very popular on the network. Xiao Song told reporters that the current in the minds of many retailers, "high-profit sale of counterfeits," has become a consensus. "See my business is not good, almost all of his friends have advised me to change the selling fake goods." Xiao Song said that if departments can not purchase channels on the inventory, the network Cosmetic Packaging market is very difficult to get purified.