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How to Make Your Own Lipstick [2010-11-15]

Making lipstick is not really the easiest of tasks, but it's definitely rewarding when you're sporting a shade of lipstick all your own. Your patience will pay off.

This recipe is easiest for use with small containers and brush application, but you can purchase lipstick molds and containers from a number of online retailers if you prefer tube lipstick.

In a heat-safe container, like a beaker or microwaveable glass container, mix well 2.5 tbsp castor oil and about 20 drops of liquid coloring OR 3 tsp mineral eyeshadow powder.

Add 3.5 tsp of caranuba/candelilla wax, vitamin E oil and coconut or cocoa butter to the container. Stir well, then heat container in 20 second bursts in your microwave until well-mixed and melted.

Pour your lipstick mixture into small cosmetic containers, or into empty eyeshadow compacts and allow to cool. Apply to lined lips with a lip brush.