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Makeup Ideas for Liquid Eyeliner [2010-12-01]

Liquid eyeliner is similar to pencil or powder eyeliner, in that it goes just over the lash line and defines your eyes, making them stand out. Unlike other types of eyeliner, the liquid stays on longer and does not smudge. Because of its defined, long-lasting line and the variety of colors in which it comes, liquid eyeliner can help create many interesting looks both for eyes and in fantasy facial art.
Liquid eyeliner is simply eyeliner that is in liquid form instead of pencil or powder form. The liquid liner is usually designed as a slender tube with a fine brush on the end. By turning the tube on the other end, the liquid comes out in small amounts. It comes in a variety of colors, including brown liquid eyeliner. It also comes in several different formulas.
Apply makeup foundation to the eyelid, before applying eye shadow or liquid eyeliner. This will prevent the eye shadow from smudging and the eyeliner from getting messy. Apply eye shadow after the foundation, and then, the liquid eyeliner over the eye shadow. Use small amounts at the start. Shake the liquid eyeliner bottle well, and make sure there is enough liquid on the applicator. Use liquid eyeliner on your top eyelid, just above the lash line, and use pencil eyeliner under the bottom eye's lash line. Have a cotton swab dipped in eye makeup remover at the ready, should you make mistakes or run the line over unwanted areas.