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How to Groom Eyebrows With Lip Balm [2010-12-08]

You can find many eyebrow grooming products in your local department store, but don't ignore the simple and inexpensive alternatives waiting in your medicine cabinet or purse. For example, you can reach for your tube of lip balm the next time your eyebrows need to be groomed.

Wash your face with a non-drying cleaning agent and water. Pat dry and allow for a complete drying.

Moisturize your face and allow moisturizer to completely absorb into the skin.

Apply cosmetics. Try to keep your eyebrows free of unnecessary makeup finishes.

Comb and separate your eyebrow hairs with an eyebrow brush. Shape your brows by plucking or trimming them until you have the look you want. Brush your eyebrows again to remove stray, plucked hairs.

Rub a bit of wax-based lip balm between your index finger and thumb so that the lip balm is evenly distributed on your fingertips.

Slide your index finger over your eyebrow hairs. Start at the part of your eyebrow closest to your eye and end at the part nearest to your temple. Use the movements of your finger and excess lip balm to groom and define the eyebrow's shape further.