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How to Tint Lip Gloss [2010-12-22]

Round-Lip-Gloss-Case-LG-156Do you have a lip gloss in a color you don't like? Do not toss it out! Do you wish your clear lip gloss had a touch of color? It can! You can change the color of your lip gloss or add color to clear lip gloss. This is a great tip to know, especially if you find clear lip gloss on save. You can stock up on lip gloss and save money. Then you can just turn the clear lip gloss to any color you want using your favorite lip stick as a base.

Remove the lip gloss case applicator from the lip gloss.

Rub the lip gloss applicator on any of your favorite lipsticks. Start by picking up just a bit of the lipstick (you can add more later if necessary).

Put the applicator back in the lip gloss container and pull it in and out a few times.

Check the new color of the lip gloss on your lips or on the inside of your wrist.

Add more lipstick color to the lip gloss case if necessary to make it a deeper shade. You can also make new shades by mixing lipsticks colors.