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How to make your own beeswax lip balm [2010-12-30]

Configure or create your double boiler (one can be created by placing a large stainless steel or a metal bowl on top of a pot of water). Get the water boiling.

Add to the vacuum cup, 1 / 4 oz. beeswax. Use ball or a brick of beeswax, but the pellets are much easier to measure and melts faster. Then add 1 / 3 oz. cocoa butter and 1 oz / 3. shea butter.

Add a little less than 1 / 2 oz. walnut oil. You can choose to use oil. I prefer the sweet almond oil as it is extremely light in taste. Very flavored oils like olive oil or sunflower oil can affect the taste of your final product.

If you are using Vitamin E is added at this time. This is a natural preservative, but not be added. You only need a few drops. Bring all ingredients to blend, then add the flavor oil if you're using, 10 drops, depending on how hard it is. You want to wait until you are about to put in containers, as heat can make the taste go away a bit.

Transfer the Lip Balm Tube  or tubes with small transfer pipettes or disposable funnel. Allow to cool balm. Then you can use yourself or give as gifts!