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The history of lipstick [2011-02-12]

    Archaeologists discovered the world's first lipstick case in Sumerian city of Ur (Ur) was found about five thousand years ago. Ancient Egyptians would use black, orange, and fuchsia lipstick, men can also use; Roman lipstick called Fucus plants are purple dye and mercury deposits made of red wine. Men also lipstick. Aristocratic women and teach the Chinese Tang Dynasty Square Geisha like to Tan color (reddish brown and red) Note lip, later adopted. According to literature, Elizabeth I in order to wipe the lipstick powder to fight death. Pigment will be applied to ancient Chinese women on both sides of paper, with the lips Min Zhu, the color will naturally be attached to the lips.Around 1660-1789, the European men between the French and British popular lipstick. Eighteenth-century Puritans to the United States is not popular lipstick, the beauty of the women would take advantage of people not looking to ribbons friction lips to increase the red, so the case until the nineteenth century, nineteenth-century popular pale, lipstick, and cosmetics are as Taboo, and is converted to the type of drugs sold.
   Guerlain lipstick tube introduction to the United States, sold mainly for a small number of aristocrats, the first metal tube lipstick is gross by the United States Connecticut Waterbury Lisiliwei and Shikeweier manufacturing company in 1915 and manufacturing, are popular products . Women's suffrage in 1912 on New York City's demonstrations, the famous all wear lipstick feminists, the lipstick case for the women's liberation symbol displayed.
1920s, the United States, because the film's popularity has also led to the prevalence of lipstick, then the prevalence of various types of lipstick color will be the impact of film and television stars, and driven trend. But then the lipstick is a soap as the base, do not feel comfortable to use. 1940s American women affected by the war, will be to maintain a good face makeup, lipstick manufacturer was one of the largest Tangee, has launched a "war, women and lipstick"ad. End of the war in 1950, actress who led the lip look fuller, charm of the epidemic. In the 1960s, the popular white and silver and other light-colored lipstick, makeup, scales are used to create a flashing effect.Popular disco in 1970, the Purple is a popular lipstick color, and punk family favorite lipstick color is black. Pursued by some of the new century (NewAger) began to bring natural plant ingredients into lipstick. Then rock musicians dress led a wave of men to use lipstick. Especially in the 1980s boy band George. The 1990s began to brown lipstick lipstick, and in some rock band also appeared in the use of black, blue lip color. In the late 1990s, vitamins, herbs, spices and other materials are added to the lipstick being large.
    Lipstick case is the first paste, and similar to today's lip gloss, lipstick bullet type invented in World War I when. Many cosmetic companies will be the name of the color or the popular name for the lipstick, the first not to lipstick color to the name of Yves Saint Laurent brand marketing numbers.