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Lipstick case ingredients [2011-02-28]

Base: oil, wax, softener, so that lipstick can be solidified and lasting.
 Wax: palm wax, beeswax most commonly used, less likely to melt the wax palm.
 Oil: mineral oil, onion, sesame oil, lanolin, paraffin oil (petroleum jelly).
 Softener: can increase the ability of color attached to the lips, but also moisturize lips.
 Gloss: contain more oil, less wax.
 Colorants: containing pigments or dyes, pigments must be used lipstick smaller particles can be uniformly attached to the lips. Spices and seasonings: You can eliminate the taste of the ingredients.
 Chemists that the six basic components of lipstick beeswax, palm wax, candelilla wax, green onions, sesame oil, lanolin, to paraffin wax. Composition ratio: 65% onion sesame oil, 15% beeswax, palm wax, 8-10%, 5% of lanolin, a little coloring agents and fragrance.
 Some effects of lipstick case with a flash also contains mica, iron oxide, titanium dioxide and other ingredients. Effect of some of the more bright red or dark red lipstick, ingredients may contain parasites in the cactus dry cochineal (cochineal), also contains a number of anti-corrosion ingredients.