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No Mess Cosmetic Packaging [2011-03-14]

  When we buy cosmetics, we seldom give thought to the cosmetics packaging; we simply buy one we like and throw it in our cosmetic bag when we get home. This habit tends to lead to frantic searches when we decide we need a particular item. With a little slower response when choosing our favorite cosmetic, we can alleviate the problem by choosing one by reaching for the one that is designed in its own separate carrying case. This type of cosmetic packing removes the mess of cluttered cosmetic bags and prevents damage to the contents.

  Many of these cosmetic packaging come in small tins where the cosmetics are already layered for easy use. You can find the eye shadow, blush, powder, and lipstick or lip gloss right there in one hand by flipping the little tins around or opening up a lid over a shared compartment. These handy cosmetic packages can be tossed into your purse, and be ready when you need them. They snap tightly shut so there is no spilling down into your purse and all over the other items.