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How the Right Cosmetic Packaging Can Help Make Products Stand Out (1) [2011-03-28]

  Great Cosmetic Packaging isn't just about being functional, it is key to gaining consumer attention. People hunting down certain cosmetic goods tend to browse shelves of the same kinds of products offering similar results. So what will make yours stand out?

  What you need is a distinctive style based around unique Cosmetic Packaging. It has to reflect the product and your company whilst also being able to catch the attention of passing consumers. If you don't get seen on the shelves, you won't be found in people's baskets. Therefore ensure that your product is visually appealing as well as being effective in its function is vital.

  Of course talking about designing cosmetic packaging and actually doing it are two very separate things. Each brand has its own identity and you need to ensure that there is continuation right across the range. This helps to ensure long-term recognition as well as helping individual items to stand out.

  As stated at the outset, you can't sacrifice functionality for pure style. While the eye-catching designs will invariably turn heads, you don't want to have a product that is almost unusable.