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The production of Lipstick Case [2011-02-17]

  Lipstick Case production experience for thousands of years of evolution, is now toward the standards and procedures, and fine direction. Reason to believe that modern Lipstick Case is a combination of science and practice of the process.
  The following are the main processes of Lipstick Case created:
 1. The manufacture of Lipstick Case manufacturing process general there are two processes: first, the oil phase composition and uniform mixture of colorant components. Completion to the process known as base material from a mixture (batch materials); second step is to make the batch of metal forming and pruning process.
   Here, please note: some Lipstick Case color base material is a colorless, when in the molding paste to join, and with Lipstick Case.
 Standard color control color, the color adjustment.
 2. The other is the cooling you can use water, ice, air, coolant, cooling the metal mold. Under the formula can be both rapid cooling and slow cooling. Color is adjusted by the appearance of color and coating color to visual comparison with the standard color to determine the difference, or determined by spectrophotometric colorimeter to determine the difference with the standard color.
 3. Lipstick Case formula is a science, when in the allocation of raw materials, are due to scientific technology.
 4. Quality standards of cosmetics lip, Lipstick Case, there are strict quality standards requirements.