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How to Buy Mascara [2010-11-22]

There are a few key tips and strategies to keep in mind when you buy Mascara tube. You are dealing, after all, with makeup that is applied very, very close to your delicate, sensitive eyes, so a clean, hygienic application is of the utmost importance.

When you buy mascara, never, ever use the "tester" bottle of mascara sitting on the beauty counter, regardless of whether you are at the local drugstore or at the fanciest department store on the planet. In the same way that you don't want to share eye drops with anyone else, you really don't want to share eye makeup with anything else. And when you try on tester mascara, you are sharing that wand with every other person who has tried it as well. This is one of the quickest ways to spread eye infections such as conjunctivitis (pink eye), and it is therefore to be avoided at all costs.
On a similar note, if you notice that your mascara starts to irritate your eyes, get rid of it and replace it right away because sometimes an old tube of mascara can start to harbor bacteria that can give you an eye infection.

Another factor to consider when you buy mascara is which type of mascara wand you prefer personally: straight or curved. Many women find the curved wand makes for an easier, more natural application since it conforms to the natural shape of your eyelid.

If you are active, and particularly if you do a lot of swimming, it might be worth your while to buy waterproof mascara. However, it is not necessary to buy waterproof mascara if you don't work out or swim in your makeup, mainly because it is much easier to remove the non-waterproof mascara (also known as "water-soluble" mascara) at night, since it washes off cleanly and easily.

In terms of choosing the right shade of mascara for your skin tone and hair color, most beauty experts recommend brownish shades for blondes and redheads and brown-black or true black shades for women with darker hair.

Generally speaking, all of the mascara brands you would find at your local drugstore will "do the job" well. In fact, there are not many differences between the drugstore brands and the department store brands other than the price, in that most department store brands tend to be much pricier.

When you buy mascara, what you are looking for is mascara tube that goes on smoothly, without clumping, and that makes your lashes look dramatic and longer. When a tube of mascara gets dried out and clumpy, this means that it has worn out its welcome and the time has come to toss it because it's no longer any good to you.