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How to Declump Mascara Tube [2010-11-17]

Every woman has that favorite tube of mascara that's starting to dry out or clump. This works for mascara that is dry and clumping from air exposure. Rescuing it is easy and fast.

Remove the wand from the mascara tube and set aside. Mascara with any odor should immediately be thrown away, using it could lead to eye infections.

Add one drop of either liquid makeup remover or Coke (yes, the drink) to the tube of mascara.

Re-insert mascara wand, roll closed tube between your hands or on the counter for 30 seconds.

Remove the mascara wand, make a small swipe across a clean tissue or Kleenex to check the mascara.

If mascara is still too dry or clumpy add one more drop. Repeat steps 1-4. Do not repeat more than once. If the mascara is still too dry or clumpy then it is time to throw it out.