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Cosmetic Packaging [2010-10-29]

The techniques of packaging used by the architecture and automotive industry is also being implemented in the cosmetics industry. Materials such as plastics, metals and glasses are bonded for cosmetic packaging. The multi colored holographic effects are also used by the companies. The bright and vibrant colored packages are preferred by the customers. It is said that Orange has been the latest demand of the female customers where as the male customer prefers packaging that is masculine and functional. The halo colors are said to be more feminine. The cosmetics packaging business makes up to 60% of the business for the manufacturers. The packaging would also look attractive if it depicts youth and cheerfulness. Prototyping used in the packaging of cosmetics enables the manufacturers to modify the packaging design at an early stage.

The following guidelines improve the effectiveness of cosmetic packaging:
•The packages should have sophisticated dispensing services like pumps.
•The cosmetic packages should depict quality and value. The tubes are being replaced by the tottles.
•The packaging acts as the spokesman of the brand. So, it should be depict comfort and effectiveness.
The cosmetic packaging should command respect and attention but, it should not distract or surprise the customer. The graphics play an important role in mass-packaging. The cosmetics package should not be toxic. The packaging should be economical and it should be recyclable. The packaging should be free of preservatives and friendly to the environment. The dark violet glass is said to protect the product from the light and organic contamination. The decoration and the accessories shape the personality of the costume. The usage of lacquering has increased in the recent days. There has been an increased interest in glass-like packages among the customers. Many multinationals have also started paying increased attention to packaging.