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Cosmetics Category [2010-11-03]

Common cosmetics can be divided into clean, skin care, nutrition, drugs, beauty, hairdressing and other six categories.

Clean categor

 In order to protect the skin fit, first of all to make the skin clean. Clean class has soap detergents, liquid detergents, cleaning cream and so on. Such as soap, transparent soap, cleaning milk, foam and solutions.

Skin category

 Skin is moist, smooth, body and skin moisture content, the amount of skin and skin glands secrete the natural number of factors closely related to humidity. Therefore, the proper use of skin care products and beauty is very important. The types of skin care products and lipid Cream. Such as face creams, fragrant cream, skin cream, milk, cream, waterproof cream, anti-oil cream, anti-pattern cream, sunscreen, lemon cream, nutrition cream fragrant, balsam and so cool.

Nutrition category and drug category

 Features such cosmetic is to give people the skin to provide nutritional or therapeutic effect. These products are ginseng cream, pearl cream, Royal Jelly Cream, white fungus cream, placenta cream, fungus cream, cream silk fibroin, freckle cream, acne cream, lip, remove deodorant, sweat suppression agent.

Beauty category

 Cosmetics is beautifying the class role play. Such as powder, blush, lipstick, perfume, eyebrows and so on.

Hairdressing category

 Such cosmetics to beautify the hair. Commonly used in hair conditioner, hair oil, hair gel, hair wax, hair cream, hair shampoo, perm lotion, conditioner fluid, hair liquid, fluffy agent.