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Analysis of Japanese cosmetics packaging design [2010-09-21]

Consumers seeking cosmetics can bring their own [aesthetic], [enjoyable experience] and [a sense of joy in the possession] of the product. As a cosmetics business card - packaging design, from the beginning to affect consumer impressions, the products have consumer acceptance in the process of playing a pivotal role.

Japanese Cosmetic Packaging design, innovative features in recent years to stress, focusing on humane care, care environment, such as the best use of the focus of development and trends in cosmetics packaging design works, there were many people the most exciting new highlights.

One bright spot: highlight product features and content design

Make products of similar products in an array of shopping malls, the maximum display features the advantages to attract the attention of consumers, this is a cosmetic packaging design focus. Kao produced WHITENING MEMORY WHITE series whitening products used in the bottle in the bar three-dimensional relief design of refraction, reflection of white caps on the flawless brilliance. Bottle body is also stressed that the product trademark whitening effect. The bottle design, reflecting product [Science. The future] the image and atmosphere. Packaging products also fit the theme, showing the role of product can penetrate deep stain on the skin effect. White bottle from the dark gray outer box out of the process, opened a dark beauty like dumb veil process.

Shiseido Deliaid products in the same commodity in order to highlight the competitive advantages of the product to win the consumer's attention, specifically the advantages of the product information such as striking with a calligraphy font printed on the packaging box.

Men's products are beginning to use more prominent product characteristics, but also some bright spots in the design. Shiseido Men new series of special fat mud, have changed their packaging and more men in black, silver, red, navy blue style, into the [POP × STYLISH] design concepts, using a distinctive color as the product of a publicity highlights. More particularly, this colorful series of products is not to distinguish the different color varieties, but to express the effectiveness of different products, reflecting product [interesting hair] function.

Highlights 2: Packaging Design intimate human

Consumers in the use of cosmetics, the experience not only the efficacy of cosmetics, as well as product packaging design humanistic care. While seemingly a small improvement, but it allows customers to use more pleasant experience, so they are more willing to continue to use the product.

Japan's leading cosmetics company Shiseido close friends know the importance of design, its designers were listening to the needs of customers in response to customer requirements, has introduced a more attractive package for customers to design. In order to allow consumers to more easily identify the shampoo and conditioner, personal care series Shiseido's designers added a different side of the convex-shaped pattern and the embossed lettering, such a design for vision-impaired customers can also easily use of the product. Also for the designers to reflect the consumer [220 ml packs TSUBAKI Conditioner when used in a certain degree, it is difficult to pour out the remaining hair conditioner] questions to improve the flat cap design, so that bottle easily inverted, so that customers can easily poured from the bottle conditioner. In response to consumer MAQUILLAGE effort lasting beauty and lasting no time no time Liquid Foundation Liquid Foundation SPF proposal [foundation with the use of a sudden, there is no, it makes a very troubled. If you can anticipate when the foundation will run out on that good a], designers in these two bottles of liquid foundation who can see the bottle with the bottom of a small window, when the user can see a small window on the bottle bottom, it's a bottle inside the liquid foundation can use only about 15 times the weight.

Other cosmetics companies in Japan have also been used to develop a more convenient packaging design. Kanebo products development company under the Institute on the principle according to ergonomic design and develop a series of easy to use containers, such as: both a more pumping, more easily, but not slippery fall, hard overturned the advantages of the cosmetic bottles and pump head set. Kose Moss in the cap on a convex shape carved [hair mousse] words, to facilitate people with disabilities purchase and use.

Highlights 3: pay attention to environmental protection, resource conservation, packaging design

Emphasis on environmental protection and conservation of resources is one of the world packaging design trend, the more natural resources-poor Japan, cosmetics packaging designer will be more concerned about the selection of materials containers and packaging design is reasonable. FANCL company to optimize resources, oil remover in a packaging box, boldly innovative design. This product inside the packaging box printed product brochures, customer as long as the box on the zipper along the opening can be easily opened packaging box, read the instructions inside the products. This box has 100 recycled milk cartons made of recycled paper as raw material.

Otsuka Packaging design for a cosmetics packaging boxes, combined with the unique design of the lid and the box flaps to seal the box with good performance, this film packing boxes without the use of seals and seal stickers, reducing pollution and waste of resources.

Highlights 4: Let the best use of the product packaging design

Do not waste so that cosmetics can use the last drop, this is a thrifty Japanese consumers generally desire. Green introduced a natural moisturizing lotion, application of vacuum packaging principles and techniques, the use of a special bottle designed to allow customers to spend the last drop of lotion bottle. Replacement products installed, the customer just follow the instructions on the operation method of adding simple replacement equipment, it can replace the equipment in the emulsion is fully utilized.

Highlights 5: can be re-used multi-purpose packaging

After using your product packaging must be discarded, and this will always make people feel pity. If the outer container to be used in other areas, it will be able to get Japanese women love. For this problem, designers have used the two packaging: cosmetic bags and cloth bags. With the manufacturer or product logo cosmetic bags are great acclaim Japanese women. In order to promote the company or product, designers will surface in the cosmetic bag embossed with iconic images in the transparent cosmetic bag or printed on the company or product name. Because these pouches have good water resistance, so more load to be used as a fitness, spa time to wash utensils.

The use of non-woven bag packaging also consumers. Plastic bottle with a load of cosmetics, when using a non-woven bags for packaging, the precious feeling wells up. In the non-woven outer series, the most popular hand-held non-woven bags. Depending on the product designer can design a variety of distinctive image of the non-woven bags.

Japan's cosmetic packaging design, almost all consumers seeking reflects the [beauty], [enjoyable experience] and [a sense of joy of holding] these three factors, the designers according to these three factors, with the trend trends, market trends, consumer needs, continually introduce Gengrang appreciation of packaging design consumer favorite.