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History of packaging and types of packaging [2010-09-01]

In early days there is less need for packaging, either for transportation or storage. Before the creation of pure packaging materials people use many of the natural things to make a basket for packaging to protect products from contamination, from environmental damage, from theft or from any other damage. They used woven grasses, animal organs or this type of things for that. But these days we are using paper products, glass products, metal products and Plastic products for packaging.

Packaging Material
The packaging material depends on what type of product you are going to send to your customer or to your love ones. It is very important that package you are sending should be safe in your packing material. Surely you would never want that your gift of glass or your good looking showpiece arrive to your receiver in bits and pieces. Small items can be packed in envelop but for bigger item you need large in size and more safe packing material. So that it would not get in to parts or get wrecked.

This is one side of your packing material on other other hand your packing material should have attractive design. Attractive printing is very important because it gives first look to everyone. And as you know many persons are involve in shipping and handling of your pack.

Last and final stage in this regard is get something which can fulfill above mentioned qualities in your packaging material but remember it should be cost effective. Our online printing company provides you solution for all these matters. Our packaging material is very durable for both small and large products. As well as our printing and designing quality is extraordinary. Best thing at design2express you can see is cost effectiveness. Now it’s time to go visit our web site and give your order for packaging material and save money. Through this packaging material you are not only saving money but you are also getting some more business by our world’s best printing and designing quality.

Types of Packaging’s

1)Glass and Bottles packaging

Colorfully packed glass and bottles is a great way to present your beverages in your own steel. Our full color printed glass and bottles can be present in different ways and shapes. More over including these packaging styles and shapes we are also offering customized printingthat can meet to your requirements.

2) Color packaging for cakes
Our online printing company offers quality and durable colorful packaging for cakes in different styles and shapes. We are using corrugated and card stock for packing cakes. By using this type of packaging you can increase your business identity and business loyalty.

3) Custom candies and sweet packaging

Today business for candies and sweets is growing with a rapid speed .Most of the time customers for this type of products are children and young people. Both type of communities like colorful printed material for packaging. Design2express is specialized in providing full color printed material at cheap prices and helps you in showing more meanings of your business to customers.

4) Packaging for Cigarettes

Cigarette packaging does not have any extension from other packaging’s. But in case of cigarettes, packaging is more critical for several reasons. First important point for this is that packaging for different products is remove after opening the product but in case of cigarettes pack is not discard after opening it first time. It remains with the smoker like its cloth until last cigarette. This high degree of visibility make cigarette as a brand product. Design 2 express can provide you best design for your cigarette pack and lead your pack towards becoming brand

5) Cosmetic Packaging

Packaging for your cosmetic products is very important. As you know very well that cosmetics are used by fashionable people and these fashionable souls like attractive, coolest, fancy, colorful and eye catching designs. We do this by providing you with on-time, accurate design with free delivery and highest quality packaging material at competitive prices.

6) Food packaging

You know very well that packaging is very important but food packaging is too much important. Question is why? Because we need such type of packaging which can preserve our food from DISIMPROVE. One more importance for food packaging is that , if you want to export your food then you need quality printing and design 2 express is providing you this facility.

7) Packaging for Bulbs

Design 2 express offering brilliant packaging for your light bulbs in various styles. By using these styles you can increase your business value. Light Bulb customize packaging printing is available at design 2 express.

8) Medicine packaging

Your First and foremost duty in medicine packaging is that “medicine should be pack in proper way”. Our online printing company offers fully customized printed packaging material for your medicine company with lot of styles and variety.

9) Point of sales display packaging

As self service selection is very common in the entire world, Customers wandering in the market and they need something which can grab their attention without opening its packing. Advance printing technology helps us in this regard. Now we can print modern point of sale for our customers and surely it can increase your sale at immense rate. With our sate of the art printing machinery design 2 express is also capable of printing point of sale at reasonable prices.

10) Color Stands packaging

Full color stand packaging is a nice way to present stands in front of your target market. Also your customer likes to purchase a stand which is in a good packing material. So rush toward our online printing company “design2 express” give your order by choosing our template or our designers can design it especially for you at best prices.

11) Miscellaneous packaging

Design 2 express providing you packaging for all types of your products. Whether you need packaging for medicine, food, cosmetics or whatever. We are there for you. Our skilled designing department can provides you better design for printing and our printing department provides you better printing quality according to your requirement.