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The History of Cosmetics [2010-08-09]

"Heart of beauty in everyone," human beautify their cosmetics since ancient times have been pursuing.The finer cosmetics packing can attract consumer's eyeball. History of cosmetics, can be roughly divided into the following four stages (also called the fourth generation):

① The first generation is the use of natural plant and animal oils on the skin for the physical protection alone, the direct use of plant and animal or mineral that is the source of various types of chemical treatment without oil. The ancient Egyptians 4,000 years ago had in religious ceremonies, the mummy preservation and aristocratic dynasty personal skin care and beauty on the use of plant and animal oils, mineral oils and plant flowers. Romans in addition to skin, hair, nails and lips of the beautification and maintenance of the Naples (naples) has become a center for pleasure and incense fragrance, but also to prevent moth-eaten in the closets, the first thing a camphor aroma, musk, sandalwood, lavender and clove oil and so on.

Since the 7th century to the 12th century, the Arab countries in the cosmetics made significant achievements, represented by the invention of distillation processing plants with flowers, essential oils greatly increased the yield and quality. At the same time, China's cosmetics has also been a considerable development, in the ancient through the "Han" in there homeland, the record points lips; "Arts for the People" introduced a clove fragrance of face powder; straight Yan Han Chinese Song book "dry subordinate" aspects of the world, the aroma of specialized books early.

② The second generation is based on oil and water emulsion technology-based cosmetics. The eighteenth and nineteenth century European industrial revolution, the chemistry, physics, biology and medicine has been an unprecedented development, many new materials, equipment and technology is used in cosmetics, but also because after the surface chemistry, colloid chemistry , crystal chemistry, rheology and emulsion theory theory of development, the introduction of a dielectric surface active agents and the use of the hlb values, the problem of correct choice of emulsifiers of key issues.

Guidance in these scientific theories and a lot of practice after the people, cosmetics production has undergone tremendous changes, from the past, the original primary production of a small family, and gradually developed into a new professional science and technology. It is on this basis, China's cosmetics industry will be present, China's light industry's fastest growing, most people welcome the promise large majority of the industry. Even the well-known U.S. fda (Food and Drug Authority fooddrugadministration) is also considering renamed fdca (Food Drug and Cosmetic Board food drug cosmetics administration).

③ The third generation is to add various types of plant and animal extracts in cosmetics. Such as from saponins, acid, papaya and other natural plant or animal skin and internal organs from the deep-sea fish protein extract (ainera) and hormones (hormoues) and other cosmetics in essence to go. Extraction of the more advanced Di has more critical c02 extraction method, Ti Gaole effective extraction of material the yield and purity, this salt of Hua Zhi; tomb goods Zai Guowaiyijing popular the 45 years so that people always pursue whitening, to acne, remove spots, wrinkles and other possible, until now, some of these cosmetics is still very popular.

Function of; Ling products (functionalcosmetics), also known efficacy of this cosmetic cosmetic (medicatedcosmetics or simply called cosmeceuticals), sometimes also called quasi, meaning between cosmetics (cosmetics) and drug (drugs) between.

④ fourth generation bionic cosmetics, biotechnology, manufacturing and the use of the body's own structure and with high affinity similar to the biological essence of substances and mixtures to cosmetics to supplement, repair and adjustment of cytokines to achieve anti-aging, repairing damaged skin and other effects, such cosmetics on behalf of the 21st century; Ling products development. The cosmetic preparations of biological engineering such as ceramides (ceramides) and genetic engineering agents such as DNA (dna) and epidermal growth factor (egf), represented by the participation. To cause breast, thin, skin rejuvenation extent possible.