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Cosmetic packaging: cosmetic packaging design and consumer psychology of women(2) [2010-08-04]

Second, the design for the female consumer psychology color Cosmetic Packaging

Development of modern society, part of the city to extend the workplace on women's working hours, so bring the employment-related spending, such as beauty, cosmetics, fitness and so the rise in consumer spending. 2001 in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Harbin, Guangzhou and other cities in the five conducted a consumer survey of women, women's makeup, beauty spending on the rise, middle income (1,000 yuan to 1,500 RMB / month) of the women, each months for the cosmetic, beauty and other costs 100 yuan, 13%, in 100 ~ 200 65% between 201 yuan to 300 per 13%, 300 yuan accounted for 9 percent. Shows that the cosmetics market is a country of enormous potential consumer market, who can compete in many brands, whoever has the unlimited business opportunities and profits. The cosmetics packaging is to attract the eye of women consumers the first pass, the color exactly is the key to this gateway. Therefore, Cosmetic Packaging design, color associations to make full use of the characteristics of a good imagination lead female consumers.

1. To make better use of color brings the experience of women in the United States to meet the beauty of the heart. Heart of beauty in everyone, especially female consumers, the heart of its beauty is more prominent. Color cosmetics to the consumers for different age groups prefer different colors, to satisfy their love beautiful things. Cosmetics for young women, color should be fresh, lively and mainly to give full expression to the vitality of youth and health. If Yaqian aloe moisturizers, its bright green packaging fresh and natural, full of vitality, vulnerability of young girls of all ages. Consumer products targeted at the elderly, its tone should be dignified, elegant style. They require a higher quality product, but also pay more attention to brand consumption. Such as SK-Ⅱ various essential products, mainly the Chinese red color, not only reflect traditional Chinese flavor, but also gives people a feeling of elegance, but also a dynamic sense, many women believe that such products nourish the skin to keep skin young and remarkable performance state area.

2. Should be based on product sales orientation to select a color class, meet the women's sense of superiority and vanity. Different brands of cosmetics, different groups of its positioning, product prices are also significant differences. Groups for public consumption, cosmetics, packaging can be used in the same rich colors to meet the needs of consumers of different ages. Such as product packaging Da Bao has pink, green, blue, purple, black, gold and other subtle colors with clean lines but colorful. High-end cosmetics, consumer good economic conditions, mainly women, relatively speaking, they are relatively strong sense of superiority and vanity, color display their products, through the noble, value for money, to meet the psychological needs of this group. Amore shiny products such as, to golden decorations. In the Chinese perception, there is a supreme golden mean. Gold used the product can fully show the status of high quality and dignity. Eno pose horny crystal products use purple bottle, elegant, noble sense of the natural distribution, so that owners get a larger psychological meet.

3. Pay attention to color Cosmetic Packaging design, highlighting women's personality and values. Moisturizer, whitening cream, foundation and sunscreen class products can only be basic skin care to meet the needs of female consumers, To highlight the personal charm, make-up is essential. Different people give different psychological make-up feelings, both pure and lovely, fresh and elegant, you can fashion sexy, intellectual wisdom. Therefore, the make-up packaging color design is not only the United States to give women the feeling of the consumers, but also the personality and values they bring a rich association.

Packaging is only cosmetic, "while" good design these "coat" Although the ability to attract female consumers, but the most important thing is the quality of cosmetics. Therefore, to remind those cosmetics manufacturers must "Outwardly refined and inwardly intelligent " possible in the highly competitive cosmetics industry, stand firm!