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Cosmetics Packaging: Cosmetics Packaging Development Review [2010-08-03]

 "Cosmetic" effect includes skin care, beauty supplies and perfume and other broad categories. All kinds of eye cream, night cream, SOD, and honey and sunscreen, etc., can be classified as skin care products; shampoo, hair conditioner, hair water, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, nail polish and other cosmetics can be grouped into hairdressing supplies; The fragrance always stands apart. The value of cosmetic packaging in the cosmetics occupies a considerable amount, of cosmetic packaging manufacturers has been a compulsory public.
1, the main function of Cosmetic Packaging
Generally more liquid cosmetics, body lotion or cream, do not have the distinctive appearance. Must pass the beautiful, unique packaging design to show their own characteristics. Thus, cosmetics are generally dependent on the packaging to a good sale. From the consumer perspective mind, first of all to arouse the attention of consumers, triggering a consumer desire to buy. That only cosmetic packaging to draw attention occurs only after a series of acts. According to the study of human eye movements, the fastest man on the color reaction. Packaging has the strength may depend on how to reconcile the color contrast, so lively and eye-catching in a store, buy home, soft but not dazzling. When consumers are attracted to the cosmetics advertising display rack to hang around before the stop time. If the package to purchase, then the packaging design is a failure.
May be fashionable, eye-catching, vibrant, interesting packaging design and new uses, is one of the means cosmetics factory run-off. P & G to well-known example, the new "shock cool" brand bath bottle material change in the past on a hard plastic texture, and choose a more humane soft plastic, so imperceptibly, the increase affinity of their products. It can be said, "Quick Refreshment" the successful launch, the choice of packaging materials are not unrelated.
2, Improve quality
In people's daily life, makeup is becoming essential supplies, cosmetics in a beautiful living and also contains the formation of a great business opportunity, consumer markets can not be ignored. A variety of skin care philosophy is endless, all kinds of packing contests, dazzling. Effectiveness of many products not only sell, but sell fashion and culture. Cosmetics, fashion and culture, and usually what we call taste. How to reflect the quality of cosmetics, in addition to product advertising and product display counters etc., the packaging is an important part. Appropriate packaging can not only directly stimulate the senses of consumers, but also the product of the grade reflects the head. So I packaged as a product of the "while" not only be in full bloom, protection of product features, but also have attractive buy, consumer guidance role.
Ecological Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Dalian produced crystal series, for example, the paste because of its unique manufacturing process - first fully automatic computer system cream machine, the essence of different effects of spherical particles made of silk like flowers and other shapes, placed slightly transparent gel, not only crystal clear appearance, fashion beauty, and integrity of its seal of essence, and the use of active metal ion conduction, so than cream and skin care products more quickly and effectively restore the natural vitality of the skin to eliminate skin problems. Designers to take into account the aesthetics of its paste, in the choice of bottle packaging, there tendency to choose the transparency, and plasticity, a more solid feel and the same glass, plexiglass material matched with quality, superior gloss Gold, silver cap, given the luxury cosmetics, crystal series, fashion connotations. Products from the market, by the young female friend consumers.
3. To improve the value
Great psychological value of the role of cosmetics, also about a 4g lipstick, Shiseido, CD, Lancome, Givenchy and other prices up to a few hundred dollars, while prices in the domestic brand lipstick to only tens of dollars or even less. This one will cover the appearance of the product itself, packaging, decoration, trademarks, corporate image and so the psychological value.
Second, the major cosmetics packaging materials
Cosmetics as a fashion consumer, it needs good quality packaging materials to enhance their social status rose. Currently, almost all kinds of materials are used in cosmetic packaging, including glass, plastic, metal three kinds of materials is now the main material used, the boxes are commonly used for packaging. Constantly developing new materials and new processing technologies, the pursuit of a new form of the cosmetics industry has been the development of key containers.
1. Glass
Glass in the high-end cosmetic packaging in a large advantage, its transparency and smoothness of plastic bottles can not be compared, a thorough clean, elegant charm of a glass bottle. For high-end cosmetics, or volatile, cosmetics, fragrance loss, such as perfume bottles commonly used. White, nutrition series of cosmetics, but they are extremely oxidation. This raised seal on packaging high demands, glass block is strong, no doubt regard the protection of contents is more competent than plastic bottles.
However, a single species of glass containers, even with good design ideas, due to technical and material constraints, often can not be realized. Since the inherent shortcomings of the glass (proportion, easy drunk, etc.), for general cosmetic, plastic containers, or just regular composite containers.
Now most of them have medium and low by plastic bottles cosmetic packaging, plastic bags or tubes to replace Su Liao, Application of glass bottles less than 8% higher than in the glass has irreplaceable advantages in the short term, high-end cosmetics is still the first choice.
Glass processing technology in recent years with improvements in glass molds using computer CAD design, enhanced production of lightweight glass bottles and other technology in improving the quality, weight in mitigation, transparency and surface finish are further enhanced. In the post-processing can Frosted glass surface treatment process, painting, color printing (up to 7-8 color), sculpture, etc., greatly increased the glass and added value.
2, plastic
Plastic light cheap, easy to scale production, made of various specifications can be transparent, opaque and various colors of bottles. Good printing performance, you can use thermal transfer, inkjet printing and other methods to instructions, labels, bar code printed on the container directly to the surface; the formation of good performance, can be made into a variety of structures and shapes of bottles, cans, boxes and other plastic container. Variety of cosmetic capsule form, there are spherical, olive shaped, heart-shaped, crescent-shaped, its colorful, not only crystal clear and transparent, there are colorful pearl, and the appearance of a very likable. The packaging gives the consumer a safer, more convenient consumption.
The drawback is that the transparency of plastic containers as glass, but an extension of polyethylene blow molding technology to overcome the lack of transparency polyolefin bottle blow molding defects, it has been encroaching upon the characteristics of crystal clear glass. March 2003 exhibition held in Italy COSMOPROF2003 on, HEINZ PLASTIS introduced HEAVY PET plastic bottle mimics the texture and appearance of glass, the kind of plastic bottles by PET injection molding technology is the industry's first bottle wall thickness to achieve MM Grade plastic bottles. Bottle with a crystal-like transparency and brightness, mimicking the appearance of glass, increasingly high degree of resistance to wear.
In the past few years, the packaging industry has been committed to the development of a skin-care products can effectively ensure the quality and appearance can meet the needs of new luxury products. The emergence of multi-layer composite technology can meet these two requirements. It allows different types of plastics can rise together, one into the plastic out. With multi-layer technology, our plastic packaging can be completely isolated from one hand, light, air oxidation of skin care products that this makes the material, on the other hand was wonderful in appearance visual effects and unique feel. Skin dairy packaging is the most common hoses and bottles. Hose is only 15 years ago, the low-end product packaging, even if the most famous brands are beginning to use. Hose production is economical, convenient, easy to-day carry, suitable to accommodate emulsion and colloid body.
As these outstanding properties, plastic materials and composite materials to the application of cosmetics packaging growing, plastic products have occupied more than cosmetic Bacheng packaging market, a major cosmetics containers.
3, aluminum
With the increasing national standard of living, skin care cosmetics and health care consumption has increased annually, a significant growth in recent years, cosmetic packaging aluminum is light, bright in color, elegant and luxurious, durable and easy to shape and coating process equipment, are popular cosmetic packaging industry. Nowadays vacuum plating companion paper with metallic luster dual easy-to-print, with beautiful, stylish, high-grade and environmental protection and many other advantages, greatly satisfied the requirements of cosmetics packaging, has become a high-end cosmetics carton packaging material focus. Cosmetics, the key consumer group is female, while for women born in the beautiful Zhuiqiu characteristics, whether the fine cosmetics Baozhuang greatly affect the status of cosmetics in the female mind and their particular brand of Pian Pian Ai hearing. Vacuum Metallized paper transparent and colorful printing ink, can be revealed a high Wealthy metallic luster, and give people a psychological hint: using this kind of cosmetics can be brilliant. Vacuum Metallized paper laser holography is also easy to handle, has good security role. Cosmetics according to the needs of different printed on the packaging of laser flash pretty LOGO or specific patterns, both beautiful and fresh and easy to identify, but also to discourage counterfeiting. Vacuum aluminum packaging materials is a new type of composite environmental protection packaging materials, it gradually instead of aluminum foil paper aluminum paper as a substrate. The word itself is recyclable, can be degraded in the soil characteristics of the green and saving metal resources, is a kind of green environment-friendly packaging materials.
Third, the new characteristics of cosmetics packaging
With increasingly fierce competition in the cosmetics market, the cosmetics business to expand its sales share, more effort, in cosmetics packaging efforts. For middle and low cosmetics, in order to meet the different needs, the capacity of containers the size of diversified, to facilitate consumer choice; for high-end products, packaged to take small capacity to meet the needs of low-income people, especially young girls due to meet curiosity generated by consumer psychology, and so on.
1, green
As the manufacturers to meet customer demand, production of products without preservatives. Factory filling them in small containers, customers can run out, such as many brands essence is to use this packaging. This cosmetic higher prices will not be a mainstream product, but it is the next fashion, luxury lifestyle brand, so there will be a stable consumer group. Many cosmetics manufacturers have begun to focus on environmental issues, the choice of packaging materials in cosmetics also include environmental considerations, consider the packing material can be recycled, in line with increasing attention to environmental awareness. The two are cosmetic in capsules, which refers to the contents sealed in a variety of granular soft capsule cosmetics. Capsule capsule skin more soft, their shape varied, there are spherical, olive shaped, heart-shaped, crescent-shaped and so colorful, not only crystal clear and transparent, there are colorful pearl, in addition to skin care capsule products, there are bath , and other types of hair cosmetics capsule. Cosmetic capsules in use does not appear secondary pollution, cosmetics capsules seminiferous its contents are designed to a dosage, so that consumers can each use a capsule, thus avoiding the use of other packaging products in the process of may occur secondary pollution, ensure the products are used by consumers every clean. For the prevention of traditional bottles, boxed products in the consumer process Zhong Wu Ran may also There are now thousands of miles Daozhi contents of secondary deterioration, production factory in the product formulation of Yao Jin added preservative 杀菌剂 long, but usually have preservatives right Pifu irritation. Cosmetic capsules absence of secondary pollution, so that greatly increased the safety of products.
2, series
Series package is a uniform trademark logo and text font for the premise, with different colors, watermarks, or different forms for the tone of the same type of packaging design, required the same in different, different, but have the same, both diversity technology, but also the overall feeling. Practical application to cosmetics packaging, there are two cases. First: the same brand of cosmetics for different functional sets of series packaging to facilitate the consumers to buy, while the overall price is lower than the total purchase price alone. A range of cosmetic brands such as to maintain the overall design style, and then use a large container circle, will be a collection of all kinds of Cosmetic Packaging .