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Cosmetic defects too wasteful packaging [2010-07-28]

Cosmetic defects too wasteful packaging
Some one thousand to buy the lotion, obviously the amount left can be used a week, but just failed to squeeze past. Right now, a lot of cosmetic packaging design is unreasonable and too wasteful.

"Then use a bottle of lotion, squeeze out the past had to open the bottle fell out of use, and later continue to use more than a week." Yesterday, after the Lake Hankow home Miss Liao Tongan laments, a bottle of lotion 1480 yuan, if the thought means "pressed by exhaustion," at least a waste of money, the weight of more than 10 yuan.

Press to see a lot of users post, said yesterday, squeezing hard to focus on two kinds of cosmetic packaging: plastic tube packaging and the pump-push bottle.

Branded cosmetic counter sales staff admitted that indeed customers had cosmetic packaging to reflect unreasonable, after a certain amount is used for negative out. For example, the tube installed in the facial cleanser, hand cream, eye cream, use the last, orifice and the wall will always accumulate a lot of dried up to; Again, the pump-push bottle bottom layer left essence, but Press it out.

"Suppose there are 200 million people in Wuhan, the use of cosmetics, skin care products, even if each person is only 10 yuan so thrown away the cosmetics, the amount of waste has reached 20 million yuan." Consumers are faced with a woman said.