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New regulatory requirements are still cosmetic appearance standard full ingredients do not change [2010-07-21]

Ginseng essence, moisturizing factor, factor ... ... whitening cosmetics packaging of these prevalent in the publicity, began showing its true colors. According to AQSIQ and National Standards Commission jointly formulated the "cosmetic label", this year on June 17, all in domestic production or import inspection and sale of domestic and imported cosmetics, product packaging must be marked in all Components of the Chinese standard name. But the reporter visited the provincial capital some supermarket shopping center, there are cosmetic packaging "face unchanged."
Some cosmetics are still "fuzzy" label
Recently, the reporter has visited the capital part of the supermarket and found that although there are marked on the cosmetics packaging ingredients, such as a shampoo labeled water, ammonium lauryl ether, flavor and other ingredients for 21 kinds. But there are still many difficult to find the product packaging to add the name of raw materials, but some such as ginseng extract, natural honey, ingredients and so forth. In a supermarket, a product's shelf closer look at more than 30 kinds of brands of cosmetics, mark the name of all ingredients until about half. And most of the product is only valid, there is no production date, simply can not tell what time it is produced.
Interview, the reporter found that some supermarkets, staff does not know the entire cosmetics ingredient labeling requirements. When asked why not a hair care product standard component name, a staff member pointed to the packaging of "ginseng extract" words that only contain ginseng components. "Some multi-subject composition, and some less subject composition is that different brands."
By label lag playing the "edge ball"
why there are not marked for all components of the products listed, many businesses said that as of 6 17 days before the production, labeling is not enough time to change. But in fact, "cosmetic label" June 17, 2008 i.e. release, was clearly informed with all the terms of the components identified from June 17, 2010 began formal implementation. That is, cosmetics companies to "identify all elements" of which has been around for two years grace period. So why label it so lag? 
Of anonymity, according to industry insiders, general corporate procurement cycle in about 3 to 6 months, 100 million yuan more than the scale of business, is only 2 ~ 3 months, two years is enough time to digest label business inventory. The reason that delayed the state-wide components, for fear of leaking formula. Impact on brand sales. In fact, some countries, Japan, Europe and the United States have long been marked products in the cosmetics packaging chemical composition. In addition, the impact will be high-end cosmetics, is also reluctant to marked one of the reasons the whole composition. Several thousand dollars a bottle cosmetics, consumers view the mark of its components, will find dozens of dollars a bottle and not much difference between the products, but also cast doubt on the high prices.
For the above problem, the relevant stone Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau told reporters that the general shelf life of cosmetic products in two to three years, all cosmetic ingredient labeling for full there will be at least one to two years . The next period of time, there will be two kinds of packing products co-existence. However, it will strengthen the supervision to protect the legitimate interests of consumers.