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Build sophisticated tools to face the practical beauty [2010-07-22]

The eyebrow combs the sum eyebrow brush: Must prepare for beautifying an eyebrow is small implement. Brush the hair scraps on sweeping away an eyebrow first with the eyebrow , use eyebrow pencil to depict out main eyebrow shape again , brush the light edge eyebrow direction comb and then again with the eyebrow, messenger eyebrow color depth obeys the messy painting eyebrow comb consistent , at ease be in harmony , final again with eyebrow comb. Under the help that the eyebrow brush and the eyebrow comb, the eyebrow drawing up is natural , tidy.
Repairs the eyebrow knife: In recent years is toilet accessories which is popular. The knife edge the approximately 3 centimeters are long, on the knife edge has the similar denticle's structure, is exceptionally sharp. It may look like the shaving cutter to cut off equally the eyebrow uneven root, the eyebrow which repairs is quite neat, may also repair on conveniently the eyebrow or the eyelid the big area fine hair. But the shortcoming cannot trim and shorten the eyebrow.
The multipurpose powder sweeps: This is in overseas popular puts on make-up the tool, for will expose very easily in the outside nape of the neck, the shoulder, the chest throws vague thin powder, but the ordinary sponge powder will often throw non-uniform, swept with the big powder does with ease easy to be many.
Oil-Absorbing Sheets: Regarding the greasy flesh's person, regardless of the winter or on the summer face is easy the oil, but the body carrying oil-Absorbing Sheets is very useful. The oil-Absorbing Sheets is the famous film jacket size, each box approximately 100. Is away from home, holds a meeting or the evening banquet, if on the face the fat secretes excessively many. Will feel that will be very uncomfortable, said again the gloss over the face also unbecoming, after and has not taken off one's jewelry, will put on make-up the time, might use the oil-Absorbing Sheets by now to blot on face's fat, on the face will appear neat clean, will not destroy the original cosmetics.
The lip brushes: Even if says from the economical angle prepares several lips to brush is also very essential. The lip brushes can very conveniently the lipstick tube in the residual lipstick use light, a spot does not waste; If does not have the lip liner, but may also use for to draw the lip line; If has several lipsticks, may draw support from the lip to brush assigns out the new color, causes your lip color out of the ordinary to use the lip to brush more importantly spreads the lipstick to be more clever, the tintage can be evener, be careful.
The eyebrow cuts: If pulls out the eyebrow to fear that hurts or fears the infection, that should prepare a forehead high-pitched and fine sharp to repair the eyebrow scissors. It may an eyebrow trimming off, repair the neat eyebrow. When trim, chooses the bend to be able easy to use. If does not have, may arrive at the medical instrument store to buy a straight head's trumpet ocular region surgical operation to cut the substitution, the effect is also good.
Puts on make-up the cotton and kapok: The use are many, after may soak unloads the nail polish, completely spreads in the nail surface downloads the cuticle cream fast; Also after may use in pulls out the eyebrow, disinfecting or to the earhole disinfection; Or uses in unloading on the clean eyebrow or the eyelash remnant zhuang and so on.
The sponge throws: The sponge is very easy to get older, but how to judge the sponge to throw whether needs to renew? Generally speaking, has following two kind of situations to need to renew: One kind is when the side presents sponge's flinty pellet; The second kind is when pro and con present many small cracks when to have the pellet to fall off frequently. The sponge throws may use the low alkalinity liquid detergent clean, and must dry in the shade.
Eyelash pomade and cuticle cream: These two kind of things easy change do, but is also very easy to solve. The cuticle cream did has been possible to join the ethyl acetate or the acetone (chemical reagent store has sells, might also do unloads armor fluid with) the eyelash pomade is a water-solubility generally, was dry when joined market drinks the pure water then to dissolve.
Automatic spiral out of spin out eyebrow pencil: automatic eyebrow pencil, small and exquisite, use very convenient, more important is you don't have to worry about nib break or not, also don't have to tip in cosmetic bag ready for a knife.