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How to use Loose Powder? [2010-07-20]

Powder Foundation with a fixed role.
To cover facial defects are without a trace, to further improve the function, so that makeup is more natural, is an indispensable day make-up cosmetics. Make-up of the general steps are: clean - make-up water - emulsion - Cream / foundation / powder - Concealer - open Loose Powder Container - loose powder / powder loose powder / powder is the same as the two , and can select a use, but generally fine powder to be more certain, are not hiding power, can only adjust the color, it can not be used alone, must be polished before something primer. For dry and normal skin of the MM, if you do not Tuozhuang, you can not use Dingzhuang powder. And for skin problems, MM, can be used directly touches sunscreen - loose powder / powder for the novice, Ding Zhuang powder makeup powder is a step in the difficult, if you use shall not be treated, there will Fufen phenomenon lay a good foundation before powder makeup also destroyed.
Therefore, we must have to pay attention to, how to use Dingzhuang powder:
 1. With delicate puff, dip a small amount of powder each, pressing gently to face, do not be painted, can only push, but do not dip too much time powder, get a little less as far as possible, the number of more pressing, so powder will be more transparent, should be noted that uniform;
2. If a dip too much powder, or arise Fufen phenomenon, on the loose paint with a large sweep;
3 . compressions finished, spray with mineral water for final Dingzhuang. This makeup is also on the transparency is more important: to spray to spray even and smooth face, soft and clean after the facial tissue, push to the face, take away excess water and Fu Fen, this will have a clean and transparent makeup. If the skin is too dry, you can use the moisturizing spray, or their deployment with the oil. However, the transparent makeup on the premise that you must be very fine powder Dingzhuang addition, the color of choice for Dingzhuang powder, commonly used are yellow, pink, color, purple, yellow and flesh are more suitable for Asians, not MM is white can also choose, do not feel heavy makeup; partial white or pink for yellow, the lack of color of MM, is the most common color, especially if your skin is not red, pink will definitely not be a problem . This is the most natural color; purple for yellowish skin, and want to achieve the very white effect MM.
In addition, with a flash of loose powder on, there are several disadvantages:
 1. Highlight skin imperfections
 2. In the summer sweat more easily giving a false impression that it is proposed that the skin oil is not very good MM do not choose this powder, However, the advantages of this powder can increase the skin's luster sense of three-dimensional face shape.