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Study No Decorative Cosmetic Packaging Design Situation [2012-03-26]

1. No decorative perfume design packaging design is reflected using a quite good example: Chanel's "CoCo" fragrance, the efficiency is succinct, precise and very self-confident concept. Its simplicity and modern perfume bottle, bottle design golden ratio, pure and refined lines, the cap around the utilization of diamond cutting surface area treatment, perfume brand "CoCo" in your sentences introduced in dark transparent bottle, and transparent out belonging to the pale amber coloring belonging to the perfume composition to type an abstract form, among the pure and subtle show of luxury. Chanel perfume packaging design has certainly not been additional decorative, but not fancy very simple design to show a unique style.

2. Speaking of non-decorative Cosmetic Packaging design can not fail to mention Clarins, Clarins is well-known brand in its company philosophy, item development, fulfill higher desires of customers, emphasizing science and engineering content. Cosmetic Packaging as very simple as possible, no luxury, no fancy: its item name, comprehensive ingredients, directions and associated products are directly printed around the bottle, it appears too bland, but this total coloring packaging rationalism due towards implementation belonging to the quite exact and consideration to detail, can frequently make people today spend consideration towards efficiency belonging to the item itself, and thus making a sense of trust,as nicely as end result inside a amount of total of "graphic language", "image language" belonging to the packaging design to stand out. Similarly non-decorative design, there are numerous well-known Cosmetic brands: French VICHY, BIOTHERM, Japan KOSE, IPSA, MAC, the United States, Kiehl'S and so on.

3 China's high-end Cosmetic Packaging undoubtly the reprensentive of no decorative design is Herborist Jahwa a globe first with a sequence of herbal personal care products, and also the unique "China Concept" to be successful high growth. HERBORIST need the two in your positioning or item Cosmetic Packaging, also has become given a obvious oriental flavor. Brand's logo is the chinese language type Arial, which has a conventional chinese language flavor brand symbol is the most very important elements belonging to the package, highlighting the social products, and also the pursuit belonging to the past, some domestic Cosmetic of unique types of fancy, it fit the consumer through the conventional traditions of awareness, with distinctive chinese language characteristics, establishing high-end Cosmetic brands. Second, no evaluation of a decorative design features. Emphasized that concealed in your framework belonging to the decoration decorative design attaches amazing significance towards United States without its personal design decorative container, and practical detail-oriented, user-friendly. pressure in your form of innovation in materials, the consideration towards utilization of unique components personality, their rational integration, highlighting the concealed structures belonging to the decoration in your United States, thus enhancing item quality. This beauty is additional internal, additional unique, additional personalized, so Cosmetic interesting, and can possess a tactile and visual double enjoyment. Modern aesthetic plastic material and cyrstal glass Cosmetic Packaging products often use. since the specialized level, the fragile character of cyrstal glass is nicely resolved, significantly improved plasticity, coloring and texture are additional abundant. The plastic material is also additional transparent than prior to and abrasion resistance, decorative aesthetic via the presentation belonging to the product by itself can be in a location to complete, which undoubtedly produce the space.